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The Art of Casino Manners in Monaco

Ever since the Casino de Monte-Carlo was built in 1878, Monaco has been one of the world’s most renowned places for gambling. And like any other reputable casino, the casinos in Monaco also require you to be well-versed in the art of casino manners. They’re not that tricky; in fact, they’re pretty easy to pick up.

The only thing you need to do is be aware of the subtle things that make a huge difference in the long run. Once you’ve tried out all the Canadian free spins offers at, these manners are how you move on to making your mark in Monaco.

Monte-Carlo Casinos

Google Maps will tell you that there are five casinos in the city, but the Casino de Monte-Carlo is undoubtedly the most renowned of all. Built by Prince Charles III of Monaco over a century ago, the casino has stood the test of time in the best way possible. It has grown to become an essential part of Monaco’s identity, which is why it’s almost every traveller’s must-visit spot for gambling.

Even those who have never been to Monaco have come across the casino in one way or another because of the many books and movies made off of it. The James Bond movies are some of the most classic examples.

Understand the Dress Code

The gaming rooms in the Monte-Carlo casinos are no causal affair. While people may be able to enter the main vicinity in shorts, casual attire is strictly limited to premises outside the gaming rooms. Inside those, you have to follow a strict dress code depending on the occasion and time of day. For example, afternoon and evening gambling allows for slightly casual items like dark jeans or dark-coloured sports shoes. 

Some gaming rooms may even require men to take their formality up a notch by donning a jacket. While the rules of what is allowed may differ based on various factors, here are some items that are always prohibited inside the gaming rooms:

  • Shorts and beach dresses;
  • Sportswear;
  • T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts;
  • Sweatshirts;
  • Flip-flops and sandals;
  • Any other clothing item that may be indicative of a casual outfit.

Don’t Bring the Locals

Even though you might make great friends with the locals during your travels, you should never ask them to accompany you to the casino, let alone force them. The locals of Monaco are prevented from gambling in the casinos based on laws and traditions that go back centuries. There are several reasons for this prohibition, mainly having to do with gambling addiction and the moral dilemma surrounding the activity.

Casinos in Monaco are open only to tourists and foreign-born residents of Monaco who don’t hold the country’s citizenship. The casinos are not even allowed to employ the local population. ID Cards are always checked at the entrance to the casino, which keeps any locals from getting in.

If you want to avoid any distasteful situation from occurring, it’s best to be aware of the peculiar gambling laws in this tiny country. However, if you do want to enjoy some casino fun with your friends from Monaco, you do have the option of engaging with them in an online casino.

Other Casino Manners in Monaco

Besides the dress code, there aren’t many particular conditions for gambling in Monte-Carlo. However, you should still follow the general casino etiquette which is implemented in casinos around the globe. These include subtle things like never touching your cards in blackjack or only using one hand to touch them in poker.

Chips are usually stacked with the highest one at the bottom, making it a lot easier for dealers to read your bets. Always ask if a table is open to players before sitting in. And lastly, don’t bend the cards, as that could be interpreted as a way of cheating. Breaking some of these might not give you any consequences except a few dirty looks, but it’s always good to follow the generally accepted etiquette whenever you’re engaging in an activity.

Monaco vs. Las Vegas

Every casino enthusiast has tried to make this comparison in their mind at least once. You’re trying to figure out whether you should invest in a trip to Las Vegas or Monaco, and there is no simple answer to that question. Each place has its pros and cons and offers a different experience.

Las Vegas is filled with casinos on every corner; meanwhile, Monaco only has a select few options, each grander than the next. It all comes down to the type of vacation you wish to experience, but here are some key differences you can expect from casinos in the two locations.

Monaco Las Vegas
Strict dress codes Wear whatever you want
Not much competition in the market Strict competition
Grandeur-filled casinos reminiscent of the European past A casual gambling experience
Locals not allowed Everyone is welcome

In Conclusion

Visiting Monaco and its casinos is a must-do experience for all casino enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy casual gambling or are a hardcore fan, this destination needs to be on your list. Thankfully, there aren’t many rules that you need to comply with in order to visit. Just make sure you pack your bags with the right kind of clothes and comply with the local legislation, and you’ll be good to go.

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