Monaco Words of Wisdom with Rossano Ferretti

From Parma to Tokyo, and Paris to Dubai, Rossano Ferretti Salons span the globe, offering the ultimate in luxury. With hands that “could sing a piano”, Rossano single-handedly revolutionized the hairdressing world and created an empire of ‘bespoke beauty’. But don’t think one of the most famous men in fashion and beauty has let success go to his head. This passionate family man cares more about happiness and harmony than about money. Before the opening of the new Rossano Ferretti Hairspa Monaco in the Hotel de Paris, Rossano sat down with HelloMonaco and shared some of his infinite wisdom.

HelloMonaco: What is your purpose in life?

HM: How do you find harmony with the universe?

HM: Why is it important to love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally?

HM: What is love for you?

HM: What is happiness for you?

HM: What does success mean to you?

HM: Do you think financial wellbeing is an important part of success?

HM: What is luxury for you?

HM: Loneliness seems like an epidemic these days. Do you ever feel lonely?

See the full version of the interview go here.

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