Monaco Words of Wisdom with Sonia Irvine

Known as the woman who throws the best party in the world, Sonia Irvine created and runs Amber Lounge and Amber Summer. Aside from being the ultimate VIP event of Formula 1, the Amber Lounge has a list of celebrities hoping to get a coveted spot in one of the many locations around the world.  But this multimillionaire businesswoman didn’t start out anywhere near business. In fact, this Northern Irish mother of two started as a physiotherapist in England. On the morning of Amber Summer’s “White Toga Party”, Sonia finds time to sit with HelloMonaco and tell us her words of wisdom.

Sonia Irvine with Prince and Princess of Monaco
Sonia Irvine with Prince and Princess of Monaco

HelloMonaco: What is success for you?

HM: Do you think you are successful?

HM: What role does money play in your life?

HM: How do you go from planning to action?

HM: Is it important to love yourself?

HM: Why did you choose Monaco to live?

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