Monaco Words of Wisdom with Victoria Silvstedt

Hello Monaco presents: Monaco Words of Wisdom, with Victoria Silvstedt. Athlete. Model. Actress. Entrepreneur.  Trader. Few women have achieved ultimate success in as many fields as Victoria has. Whatever she put her mind to, she rises to the top – from Miss Sweden to Playmate of the year, to her debut album going gold, Victoria puts her all into her work.

Victoria Silvstedt
Victoria Silvstedt @Loïc Thébaud

Victoria grew up in a small Swedish village, her Father pushed her to succeed at competitive sports, something she credits for her unwavering drive to succeed, and for keeping her “on-track”. Today, she enjoys the luxurious life Monaco offers and stays sharp with her new passion for Forex trading. Olga Taran sat down with Victoria to ask for her words of wisdom.

HM: What makes you happy?

HM: Do you ever feel lonely and how do you overcome the feeling?

HM: What does love mean to you?

HM: Is it difficult to accept who you are and love yourself unconditionally?

HM: Do you have a role model? What do you think of today’s role models?

HM: What is success for you and have you achieved financial well-being?

HM: Why did you choose to live in Monaco?

See the full version of the interview go here.

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