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Princely digest: Innovations and Sports awards

Prince Albert II testing Tesla X

Prince Albert II Speaks at Documentary Screening about the Adventures of Solar Flight Prince Albert spoke at a documentary screening about an unbelievable trip around the world in a Solar Impulse, an experimental solar-powered aircraft.  In 2016, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, Solar’s two pilots and founders, completed the first circumnavigation of the globe with no fuel.  They flew from …

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Princely news: Oxford speech and Ocean Explorers exhibition in Paris

Prince Albert II and Jack Lang

Prince Albert II in Oxford Albert II, Prince of Monaco visited Oxford on the last week, where he held a speech for students of the oldest English university. He called on Oxford students to combat the “alternative facts” of climate change deniers. Taking about his environmental activism, Prince Albert said he had “faith” in Oxford students as the “global leaders …

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Monaco Crime News: International Fraudster at large & Man found burned in his apartment


Warrant Issued for Fraudster A deceased person who continues to receive her retirement pension money is a surprising feat. A fraudster took intricate steps in order to obtain pension money for his mother who has been deceased for a long time!  At the court hearing, the defendant, who is of Greek or Lebanese nationality, is absent. He appears to have …

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From the court: Internet fraud and cocaine bust


In this article we present details of two particular cases of crime in Monaco involving stolen credit card details and possession of cocaine. Story 1: Credit card details used to pay for purchases In the case of Internet fraud, the most frequently seen instances involve the theft of credit card details. This is the fraudulent use of the numbers on …

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Princely Digest: The Historical Monte Carlo Rally and World Cancer Day

Prince Albert II

Prince Albert II attends the twentieth Historical Monte Carlo Rally and discusses the ties between the Principality and motor sports. Nearly a thousand people attended the traditional gala and award ceremony for the 20th Edition of the Historical Monte-Carlo Rally on Wednesday, the 1st of February 2017. The Automobile Club of Monaco invited guests to attend a dinner and a …

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Two Cases of Criminality in Monaco: Money Laundering and Unpaid Bills

Unpaid bill

Crime doesn’t pay. Or does it? This article reveals further details of two particular cases of crimes in Monaco including an Italian man accused of laundering money from the blackjack table and a Dutch man who left his hefty restaurant bills unpaid, but claims he was unwell at the time. Laundering casino money: one year imprisonment The money laundering case …

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Grace Kelly’s childhood home will be turned into a museum

Grace Kelly's childhood home

As we wrote earlier, Prince Albert bought the Grace Kelly’s childhood home for $754,000 in the fall 2016, after the previous owner died. Prince Albert II of Monaco, told to the People magazine that the home could be opened to the public by 2018 – or ‘possibly earlier’. ‘While it is a historical landmark, I don’t think that a dedicated museum is the …

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Two cases of Italian criminality: fake cheques and a stolen bag

casino chips scam

This article reveals details of two recent cases of crime committed in Monaco by men of Italian origin. Their crimes were quite different in style, with one being a major money-laundering scam carried out by a young career criminal and the other a one-off bag theft by an elderly man with no record. First case: An Italian crook was convicted …

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Princely Digest: The Princely Family Honor the Patron Saint of Monaco and more…

Prince during his Bobsledding days

Prince Albert II has faith in Monaco’s Bobsleigh Team HSH Prince Albert II looks back on his performances as a bobsledder and has faith in the Monegasque bobsleigh team, who have just taken part in the World Cup in St Moritz (Switzerland). “It’s important to follow our young team who has been having interesting results. Rudy Rinaldi is in the …

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‘Clean Hands’ Sentence: Vestri Family Found Guilty, Gérard Spinelli and the Marzocco Brothers Not-Guilty

Odeon Tower

The main protagonists of the ‘Clean hands’ case were released from their corruption charges yesterday. However, the criminal court in Marseille was less mild during the second political-financial part of the case and sentenced the Vestri family to between two and three years of suspended imprisonment. A judicial mountain has given birth to a pebble. Seven years of investigation, ten …

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