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Grimaldi Family

Florestan I – A prince of Monaco through no choice of his own

Florestan I

HelloMonaco continues its series about the rulers of Monaco and today we will introduce you to Florestan I who was in power from 1841 to 1856. It must be said that little information is available about this Prince. Perhaps because he managed to lose more than half of his territory, namely: Menton and Roquebrune. Even though these two cities officially …

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Monaco and Mauritius: two paradises for Princess Stefania

Princess Stephanie of Monaco

It is in Mauritius that Stephanie and her daughter Camille recently spent a few days on a holiday in paradise. “Mauritius is a bit like my second home, I like to come back because I feel good here,” said the Princess. For some twenty years now, Stephanie of Monaco has visited Mauritius regularly. It is a small corner of paradise, …

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Happy Birthday H.S.H. Prince Albert II!

Prince Albert II

Today Prince Albert II is celebrating his 59th anniversary! On this occasion, we would like to recall some of the key moments in the life of Monaco’s sovereign who has been ruling over the Principality in the last decade. Albert Alexander Louis Pierre Grimaldi was born on March 14, 1958 in the Princely family of Monaco, Rainier III and his wife, …

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Charles III: Golden Pages in the History of Monaco

Prince Charles III

Charles III was not the very first Prince of Monaco. However, many things in the Principality began with him. This monarch was the founder of diplomatic relations between Russia and Monaco, and he also signed an agreement for the construction of the first railroad through the Principality. He was the one who built the Monte Carlo area with its famous …

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The house of Grimaldi: Prince Albert I: Explorer, scientist, reformer and pacifist

Prince Albert I

The life of Prince Albert I is a fascinating history of exploration and adventure, as well as the promotion of peace. This piece examines his progression from a young dreamer to a leader. “Europe will sort out its problems which are weakening it and devouring its resources, only with consensus and conflict solving.” Albert I. There is no greater philanthropist …

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The House of Grimaldi: Princess Stephanie of Monaco

The Princely Family: Princess Stephanie of Monaco

Prince Albert’s younger sister Stephanie was born in Monaco on 1st February 1965. Her uncle John Brandon Jr was her godfather and the Baroness Elisabeth-Ann de Massy is her godmother. Stephanie attended the Dames de Saint-Maur School in Monaco, and then continued her studies at Dupanloup college in Paris. She received her Baccalaureat degree in 1982. As expected from a …

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The House of Grimaldi: Rainier III- The Builder Prince of Monaco

Prince Rainier III – “The Builder”

On 6th April 2005, another chapter of Monaco’s history came to an end. The oldest European monarch Prince Rainier III died at Monaco’s Cardiothoracic Centre at the age of 81. Prince Rainier III was one of those outstanding rulers whose reign has completely changed the image of Monaco. Let’s see how it all started. Rainier was born on 21st May …

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The House of Grimaldi: new generation. Pierre Casiraghi

The new generation of Grimaldi: Pierre Casiraghi

Pierre’s bachelor life didn’t last too long. While his crowned uncle was actively seeking love, 21-year-old Pierre met his one and only Beatrice Borromeo while studying at the University of Milan. Two years had passed before Beatrice and Pierre revealed their relationship and the paparazzi set to work. The royal couple has gone through a lot… But let’s start from …

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The House of Grimaldi: new generation. Pauline and Louis Ducruet

Princess Stephanie’s children: Pauline and Louis Ducruet

You already know the history of the Grimaldis’ older generation. Time to meet the younger members of the royal family. We’ll start with Princess Stephanie’s children Pauline and Louis. Louis Robert Paul Ducruet is an illegitimate child of Princess Stephanie and her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet. Born in 1992, the boy spent his childhood away from the paparazzi and public attention. Even …

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The House of Grimaldi: new generation. Andrea Casiraghi

New generation of Grimaldi: Andrea Casiraghi

Continuing the series of publications about Grimaldi Family we will tell you about Andrea Casiraghi who is the elder nephew of Albert II. Andrea is the fourth in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne owing to being the first-born of Princess Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi. He spent his childhood with his younger brother and sister. Andrea was only …

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