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Versatility and grace in the book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco»

Multiculturalism has always been one of the main distinguishing characteristics of the Principality of Monaco, as its tiny territory of 2 km2 is divided among representatives of nearly 140 countries. This fact became the main inspiration for the Italian photo artist Valentina de Gaspari, the mother of two boys, who settled here 15 years ago. In 2015, an artist with many years of experience working in numerous advertising agencies and in the fashion house Gucci, had a catching idea — to create a book where, using photo art, could be demonstrated this unique diversity and «multinationality» of mothers from Monaco, emphasizing their grace and elegance through the portraits. 

The photographer’s dream to create a book of art has come true due to the support of the Direction du Tourisme de Monaco. Its title is intriguing: «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco» (They are the International Moms of Monaco).

book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco»
Princess Camilla Bourbon des Deux Siciles with daughters Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara
© Valentina de Gaspari @monaco_photographe

It took 5 years to complete this photo project by shooting wonderful mothers of different nationalities with their children. This is a kind of Ode to the family, mothers and women in general, fully reflecting their elegance and femininity. 

According to the artist, there is no better way to introduce the Principality to the world than by talking about international families who, with complete tolerance and respect for each other, easily get along in this very small territory.

Undoubtedly, Monaco is that safe place where children grow up in a culturally enriching environment, providing a whole range of opportunities in the future, taking advantage of a wide selection of public or private French / international educational institutions, the level of excellence of which is recognized throughout the world.

book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco»
Мayumi Yamasaki with daughter
© Valentina de Gaspari @monaco_photographe

This photo book will serve as an excellent tool for promoting the Principality internationally through its unique emphasis on family values and multiculturalism. 

The book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco» comes out in hardcover and will be available in 24 × 33 format. It consists of the following elements:

Foreword by Céline Cottalorda, Chief Officer for Women’s Rights in Monaco;

Useful information for families about life in Monaco (schools, sports, culture, health, safety);

Quotes from the ambassadors of Monaco about motherhood and the family;

Portraits of mothers of 45 different nationalities and their children, including small text boxes with women’s answers to questions about motherhood;

Photos of the architecture of Monaco;

List of partners and sponsors of the project.

book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco»
Olga Taran, editor of Hello Monaco with kids Ekaterina, Elizabeth and Alexey
© Valentina de Gaspari @monaco_photographe

Good deeds are crucial to Valentina de Gaspari, which is why this creative project will be launched in support of the Association «Aux Cœurs Des Mots», which works for promotion of equality and non-discrimination in the world, having young people express themselves in ways that affirm equal rights between girls and boys, women and men.

During the official launch of the book, which is scheduled for late 2020 / early 2021 (depending on the development of the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic), the profits from the sale of portraits of the mothers of Monaco will be transferred to the association «Aux Cœurs Des Mots», the honorary president of which is H.S.H. Prince of Monaco Albert II.

book «ELLES — Les Mamans Internationales de Monaco»
Orla Murphy with daughter
© Valentina de Gaspari @monaco_photographe

Among the partners and sponsors of the project are: Direction du Tourisme de Monaco, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Aldo Coppola, John DeJoria, Stéphane Rolland, CBS Group and many others.


Valentina de Gaspari
Tel .: +33(0)6 5994 6802

Tanya Nalbatis (Project Coordinator)
Tel .: +33(0)6 8086 9167
Address: 17 Avenue de l’Annonciade – 98000 – Monaco

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