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Video Games, Art and Parkour: Children’s Guide to February Vacation

A wonderfully varied program of activities for children will be offered in Monaco this February, just in time for the family holidays. Workshops, sports, cultural activities, entertainment and activities of all kinds that will foster the imaginations of our young adventurers. Over twenty activities will be offered during this February vacation, enough to keep children and parents busy for two weeks. Certain activities which place the environment in the spotlight may even awaken their conscience at a pivotal age.

Explore the depths at the Oceanographic Museum

Children’s Guide to February Vacation

From the Pacific to the Mediterranean, young and old will be able to immerse themselves in the extraordinary and unique environment of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The tactile pool, a 360-degree virtual reality experience, sea turtles, feeding the animals and many other surprises are on the agenda. Internships will also be offered by the Snapper Club to educate the younger generation about the preservation of marine ecosystems. Accompanied by an educational team, the young explorers will be immersed in a setting that explores the mysteries of marine life

Course dates: February 17 to 21 and February 24 to 28 for children aged 8 to 12 years old, for 5 days from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Multimedia and Chocolate Workshops

At the Princess Caroline library, many multimedia workshops designed for children are on the agenda. Between video games, reading, well-being and cinema workshops, the program is varied and open for children of all ages.  There are even discovery and leisure days offered for toddlers with the opportunity for them to collaborate on a collective sharing project. Even parents will have the opportunity to participate in certain activities.

Festivities will begin on Monday 17 February with a Chocolate workshop, led by pastry chef Benoît Perruchon.

Children’s Guide to February Vacation

Shadow Theatre at the NMNM

From Monday 17 February, the New National Museum of Monaco offers workshops for children during the holidays as part of the exhibition ‘Variations, The Light Decors by Eugène Frey, presented by João Maria Gusmão’. The first three days will setting images in motion with an iPad. Children will be able to write a screenplay through the poetry of shadow theatre. From Thursday 20 February to Friday 21 February, children can learn to paint a hologram portrait. The last workshop, from 24 to 27 February, will help aspiring artists design an opera.

A journey into pre-cinema, the exhibition confronts some of Eugène Frey’s decorative projects with creations from other inventors: the shadow pieces of Caran d’Ache; the mechanical theatre of master-watchmaker Emmanuel Cottier; Hans-Peter Feldmann’s shadow theatre and Lourdes Castro’s performances; and much more.

Children’s Guide to February Vacation

Dragons and other fantastic creatures

At the Princess Stephanie Youth Centre, a range of workshops, activities and internships will be scheduled during the holidays. On Saturdays 15, 22 and 29 February at 4:30 p.m. children and fans of the Dragons trilogy can immerse themselves in the adventures of their favorite hero. Other creative activities will be offered from Monday 17 February to Saturday 29 February from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. such as: reading, games and origami. Several courses are also available: Musicals, Parkour and Couture-embroidery creation.

Ice Age Mammoths

Four permanent exhibitions on the theme “A mammoth in Monaco” and temporary exhibitions on “Prehistoric and protohistoric art” will be offered at the Museum of Anthropology. Four additional animations, based on the story of “Stepan the Mammoth”, will be scheduled for all children aged 7 and up. Animations begin on 24 February, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ceramic and Painting for Children and Adults

Children’s Guide to February Vacation

At the Bosio pavilion, Monaco’s School of Fine Arts, four ceramic courses will be offered from Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February with ceramist Jeffrey Haimes. Sessions are open to adults and high school students. Painting courses with the artist Laure Fissore and Toby Wright, specialist in still life will also be offered.

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