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Sing the National Anthem from your Balcony with Unrestrained Gusto: Just Don’t Party Too Loud

Gathering on the streets during the Coronavirus crisis is a no no! The whole point of the quarantine is social distancing so the virus cannot contaminate and travel. Exercising alone is fine but social gatherings on the street, faced with this extraordinary health challenge from the virus, are to be avoided. But there is one place you can gather if you have one – on your balcony. 

Martine Ackermann, President of Child CARE Monaco and the President of Monaco Pupils’ Parents Association, popularized the idea for everyone to gather on their balcony each evening to Sing the Monegasque National Anthem (Hymn) at 7pm and 8pm to show support for one another and give a round of applause in appreciation of Monaco’s nursing staff as well as in support of Prince Albert II, affected by the coronavirus.

The Sovereign himself welcomed these demonstrations of national cohesion and it is reported that Patrice Cellario opined that these surges of community spirit should be encouraged and congratulated. 

There have been the odd occasion when some people have gone overboard and the police have been summoned to help calm tensions. Commissioner Laurent Braulio, head of the urban police division has only had to intervene a couple of times by all reports. 

Some people do get carried away and use speakers with volume turned up to the maximum. 

And if it’s coupled with a call to party and takes on more of a broadcast disco DJ scene, then that is not the same as singing the National Anthem or a brief joyful celebration of a birthday. 

It’s all a matter of common sense. Not everyone’s taste in music is the same and some people value tranquility over noisy reveling . 

So if you start broadcasting your favourite music in the day or evening and annoy your neighbours, rather than just joining in to sing the Monégasque National Anthem, the police may be called to intervene – and this has just happened too. 


The fines for night-time noise range from 600 to 1,000 euros in the Principality. For daytime noise the fine is 300 euros. Luckily, it is reported that the two incidents recently where the police were called did not give rise to fines – just friendly reminders and advice from the police in order to reduce tension. 

Likeminded people joining Martine Ackermann in the beautiful initiative being united as one country in this difficult moment is welcomed. Why not go through it together with a song at 7pm and 8pm! Sing the national anthem wholeheartedly with gusto. And in addition there are songs of support for Monaco from different nationalities – an international community showing their spirited enthusiasm for having been welcomed in Monaco. 

Just be cautious about extending the theme to “disco” evenings. A musical party with DJ from balcony to balcony risks being invasive and preventing people from sleeping. 

And that can attract not just a police warning but a hefty fine. 

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Martine Ackermann Invites Everyone To their Balcony

Martine Ackermann Invites Everyone To their Balcony each evening to Sing the Monegasque National Anthem (Hymn) at 7pm to show support for one another. This idea has excited the press and many in the community. 

She wants people to join her in this moment of public isolation in order not to be alone and so we can pass through this difficult period together. Martine Ackermann offers to celebrate a new country every day.

Join Martine Ackermann in this beautiful initiative! Let’s be united as one country in this difficult moment and go through it together with a song!

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