Weekend in Monaco

#hello_monaco weekend: what to do on January 29th and January 30th

This weekend is good time to attend exhibitions that are currently open in Monaco. And don’t forget to follow the news on the 24th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.

24th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

The 24th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, for cars similar to the models that competed in previous Monte-Carlo Rallies until the 51st edition in January 1983 is on from till Wednesday 2 February 2022.

15th Monegasque oncology biennial

For professionals there is 15th Monegasque oncology biennial, held on January 26-29, 2022 in the Grimaldi Forum, a true general state of French-speaking oncology.

Created on the initiative of Dr Michel Héry, then Head of the Radiotherapy-Oncology Department of the CHPG, bringing together on average 1,300 participants, more than 150 speakers and numerous learned societies, the Monegasque Biennial of Cancerology stands out as the meeting point. you essential for updating cancer training.

Under the scientific chairmanship of Professor Xavier Pivot – Director General of the Paul Strauss Center in Strasbourg – this multidisciplinary conference provides an opportunity to discuss the state of knowledge and therapeutic advances in the management of breast, gynecological, pulmonary and digestive cancers. , urological, hematological, upper aero-digestive tract, central nervous system tumors, melanomas and sarcomas.

Expo Tremblements
Expo Tremblements. ©NMNM Andrea Rossetti 2021

“Tremors, Recent Acquisitions by the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco”, an exhibition presenting for the first time a selection of artworks acquired by the NMNM between 2010 and 2021, created by 18 artists of 10 different nationalities from Thursday 25 November 2021 to Sunday 15 May 2022, in Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – Villa Paloma.

Conceived by Célia Bernasconi, Exhibition Curator, Chief Curator at the NMNM, the exhibition brings together contemporary works by seventeen living artists, including nine women, of twelve different nationalities. All of them have in common that they respond to the definition of the thought of trembling which, in the words of the poet Édouard Glissant, “unites us in absolute diversity, in a whirlwind of encounters”.

Video installations, sculptures, paintings, photographs, translate the tremors of the world.

Exhibition "Monaco – Alexandria, The Great Detour. World-Capitals and Cosmopolitan Surrealism"

A new exhibition just opened in the Principality. Monaco – Alexandria, The Great Detour. World-Capitals and Cosmopolitan Surrealism from Friday 17 December 2021 to Monday 2 May 2022, in Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – Villa Sauber.

Monaco-Alexandria presents itself as an emancipated exhibition from the spectrum of nationalist and Eurocentric art history. It is remarkable in this respect to depart from Monaco and its Nouveau Musée National to rethink North-South relations, in particular between key areas of Mediterranean Europe, including in its African and Eastern dimensions.

In this perspective, the NMNM in collaboration with Zamân Books & Curating, aims to create a dialogue between Monaco and Alexandria, namely two world-capitals with eloquent and yet little-known relations, woven in the heart of the 20th century, through transnational themes: ballets and (post)orientalist shows, southern surrealism, flora and fauna, feminist eroticism, urban development and nightlife; ultimately, the symbols and the poetics of cosmopolitanism through two great Mediterranean crossroads; both marked by the imprint of dreams and tourist mythologies as by that of the avant-garde in exile. Beyond the major themes explored, the exhibition + books aim at writing an unprecedented page in this connected and often French-speaking history, although shaped between several contact zone (Monaco, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, etc.)

Of course there are other interesting events taking place in Monaco. If you want to learn more about them visit our Calendar.

So have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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