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Fortuna Fleurs. What is hidden in a hatbox?

What gives you incredible joy, makes you forget all your worries and takes your breath away? A must on any special day… flowers, of course!

It’s difficult to imagine a woman who wouldn’t be pleased with flowers. We would almost always accept them with joy and gratitude. A bouquet is appropriate for any occasion, whether an anniversary, a wedding, a birth of a child or simply as a token of ones sincere affection.

Fortuna Fleurs: flowers in a hatbox

If ever the flowers are not pleasing to the receiver, you most likely made the wrong choice of a bouquet. But don’t panic! You now have an absolutely foolproof option – a BOUQUET IN A HAT BOX with home delivery.

There is no doubt that this is a beautiful, elegant and unusual item. The bouquet is personalized, taking into account your every wish: choice of colour, palette, shape and box. And believe me, there is plenty to choose from!

Fortuna Fleurs: flowers in a hatbox

The hatbox bouquet has several absolutely undeniable advantages, namely:

Fortuna Fleurs: flowers in a hatbox

  • Most of us don’t always have something handy to put a bouquet in. This time, you don’t have to worry about it or spend time looking for a vase.
  • Not everyone knows how to take care of cut flowers. The hatbox bouquet has it all! A special device makes sure that the flowers stay hydrated. An inbuilt wet sponge not only keeps the water in, but is also saturated with a chemical that extends the flowers life. The bouquets are very long lasting, and when they do eventually fade and have to go, you will once again applaud yourself for choosing a hatbox bouquet. Nothing’s easier; you don’t even have to wash the vase!J
  • The bouquet looks unusual and original; it will take centre-stage whether in a house or an office. The hatbox itself is very refined and suggests a giver with good taste.
  • A pleasant surprise is in store for you. A box could hide anything… You certainly would not expect to find flowers!

Fortuna Fleurs: flowers in a hatbox

And just some more pleasant trifles:

  • QUICK DELIVERY – WITHIN THE NEXT 3 HOURS or at any requested time.
  • FREE CARD WITH A BOUQUET                                                                                                                 A beautiful card with a personalized message nicely compliments the bouquet.
  • OTHER GIFTS WITH YOUR BOUQUET                                                                                                    At your request, a box of chocolates or any other gift can be purchased and added to your bouquet.
  • Preferred methods of payment may be used, including PayPal.

Flowers have long been a staple when it comes to house decor. What could be more elegant and simple than fresh flowers in a hatbox? You can be sure to receive plenty of compliments from your guests.

Stylish bouquet boxes are also a good decoration for any office, reception, meeting room, conference or retail space. You can even put your logo on the box, definitely an original product placement!

Have you made your mind up?
Please give us a call at 07 83 23 55 85 Fortuna Fleur Company – you won’t be disappointed by our prices!
For our readers the delivery is free, just mention HelloMonaco while you are ordering.
 Fortuna Fleurs: flowers in a hatbox

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