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Pro Club: Fem Galore — the long-awaited women’s club in Monaco with a unique atmosphere

Fem Galore is exactly the community the residents of Monaco, or rather their female half, were longing for. This club, created by Yana Aintabi, has every chance to become one of the most popular places for successful, beautiful and happy women of the Principality.

Quality is one of the reasons to join the club. The idea of improving the quality of life (by friendly advice or attending workshops) runs through the entire history of the creation of Fem Galore.

HelloMonaco: Yana, what does Fem Galore mean to you?

Yana Aintabi: This is a community of women, a sisterhood network with all its associated pleasant things, like mutual support, tenderness, passion, understanding, and the ability to share experiences.

I love to be surrounded by women. A women’s community is a complex entity which is always in motion, with its thrills and genuine experiences. It is in a female environment that I attaintrue understanding.

Fem Galore

HM: How did you come up with the idea of creating a club?

YA: There is a kind of balance in relationships with men, when it is more or less clear what to do: we hug them and support in times of doubt. And then, they go away and spend time on work or hobbies.

But what happens with women? Meanwhile, behind our wonderful, successful husbands (and there are many of them in my environment) we lose ourselves, we give up our career or dedicate ourselves to our families. As a result, apart from disappointment and deceived expectations, we also get annoyed, even angry, with ourselves. Children grow up and build their lives. Husbands are often attracted by someone younger and more interesting.

Fem Galore

Who likes to have a grouchy wife, bored and lost in the emptiness of her life?

Is this picture familiar to you?

HM: Yes, many of us probably found themselves in such a situation…

YA: There is a turning point when you realize that you can only blame yourself. Of course, I don’t speak about those situations when tragedies occur in life beyond our control. However, our inner world depends only on us. But what to do when this profound realization comes? In which direction do we move? What? How? Where? I assume that this confusion is familiar to many of us. I created Fem Galore as an answer to these questions.

At some point, each of us needs advice, wisdom, and the experience of female friends. We can learn so much from each other! In addition, every woman knows that any business becomes much more exciting if you do it with your friends.

Fem Galore

HM: How many members does your club count within it?

YA: Today, the Fem Galore community has about 30 permanent members. Despite the fact that the first meetings took place in London, after moving to Monaco I did not lose the old connections, but also acquired new ones.

HM: What do you offer to the members of the club?

YA: For club members, I organize workshops and seminars, where we try to deal with the reasons for our fears, to learn how not to suppress negative feelings, to learn to let them out and work on them. Working on ourselves, we begin to live more consciously and more calmly, and we switch to a more healthylifestyle.

Fem Galore

HM: How has your life changed since the creation of the club?

YA: I have changed, because responsibility is what distinguishes an amateur from a professional, and my duties keep my morale up.

Looking back, I would never trade the need that I now feel in people who really value me in exchange for a careless, purposeless lifestyle and the self-flagellation that we all experience at age 25!

HM: Who can become a member?

YA: Fem Galore is an international club, so, for example, anyEnglish-speaking woman can become a member. Moreover, club membership implies active participation. Being impolite or even rude is of course not acceptable, and we keep the information we share with each other fully confidential. At the moment the project is non-profit and income we receive goes back into speakers/venue costs.

HM: What are your plans?

YA: I plan to create a new service for members, a bespoke concierge, which will include newsletters with recommendations for travel, unique experiences, and places worth visiting.

More information about new workshops at

Tel .: +377 64062 4672

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