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Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Spring is the right time to get ready for the summer; start looking after yourself and indulging in a number of beauty treatments. Where would be a good start?

Sort out your sleep. Good sleep would be a great start. To restore your sleep, use our long-tested system, a combination of Tryptogene and Gabagene treatments. They are based on quantum genomics principles — with your gene activation boosting your biofields. The effect will be noti ceable in the next few days. Once your sleep is restored and the right diet is chosen, your kilograms will start melting down of their own volition.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Stop killing yourself with complex diets. Do fasting days instead. Cucumbers, baked apples, ayurvedic vegetable soups would be just the right thing for you. Ginger tea with lemon is another great option. If you do feel tired, however, especially in the mornings, avoid fasting. Otherwise fatigue might take over.

Exclude cowmilkbased products. Many people mistakenly use yoghurts and low-fat dairy products for their weight regulation. But they do contain a number of harmful substances. It is now common knowledge that cows are often hormonally stimulated. The drugs they are given are later absorbed by our body, causing major changes and disturbing the body’s natural balance.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon


Minimize the use of bread. Just keep a gluten-free bread or toast for the morning – they do make up  part of a healthy diet.

Eat the right fats. Vegetable fats and fish are necessary for restoration of the cell membranes, good cell functioning and steroid hormonal synthesis. Low fat diets may result in an early andropause or menopause.

Give up sugar. This is the most powerful drug in the world. «Embedded» in our metabolic processes, producing a pleasure effect, it affects certain brain receptors and creates an addiction. All sugar consumption results in a body glycation as if our cells were «swimming» in a sweet syrup. This is disruptive for our metabolism and inter cellular communication.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Moisturize your skin. Carefully select the right products by well-reputed manufacturers. Allergy sufferers, whose skin is prone to redness, would well appreciate some creolin-based masks. Busy travellers, who often experience a climate and nutrition change, will need to use a micellar solution, beneficial for all skin types.

Choose the right skincare products. Your choice should depend on your age, skin type and the targeted result. For good skin regeneration, don’t hesitate to use whitening creams with glycolic acid and vitamin C. Do remember, however, to do all the whitening and peeling treatments strictly in the evening, applying an SPF 50+ sunscreen the next day.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Take vitamins. Even those of my patients who look after themselves really well, often experience  a deficiency in vitamin D. In spring, it is 2–3 times below its recommended level. I therefore highly recommend our vitamin D micronutrition course. We all feel chronic fatigue in spring. Even if the sun is rising earlier and mimosas are in bloom, we often struggle to wake up in the morning. Our highly efficient professional treatment ENERGY I will help you get rid of every kind of fatigue. It does not have a recommended maximal intake and therefore it is not possible to overdose on it. Activating the mitochondria, our cells energy stations, it produces an instant and well-pronounced effect. For «advanced users», we have a special Mineral Energy treatment. This is a special high-dose cocktail of micro elements. It is used as a course treatment letting you get rid of severe burnout and deep fatigue syndromes. These quantum genomics solutions also produce an anti-inflammatory effect, reduce pain in the joints and strengthen the skin.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Look after yourself on the inside. Our highly concentrated silicon treatment is very efficient and boasts a number of rare regenerative qualities. There is a reason that silicon is called a «beauty mineral». It has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates collagen production, improves our hair and nail quality and reduces or eliminates seasonal allergy syndromes. It also decreases asthmatic suffering for more than 80 % of patients. Silicon cannot overdose. You can therefore take our treatment on a long-term basis.

Control your hormone levels. The most efficient method for body rejuvenation is hormonal and gene regulation. Anti-aging specialists are increasingly talking about taking bioidentical hormones for  reducing Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular and oncological risks.

Anti-Aging with Dr Baranova: Spring Marathon

Use detox in moderation. This is a great idea, but don’t take it to the absurd. Excessive detox and restrictive nutrition may easily result in early menopause. You lose healthy fats, your skin gets dry.  That’s where the aging process starts.

Give love. This is the best therapy indeed! As Alexander Vertinsky used to sing: «Do not spare your kisses when almonds are in bloom». This is perhaps the main advice of the day. You need to be rested and fit for that. When a woman has got the right level of sexual hormone estrogen and youth hormone DHA, the joy of life is shining in her eyes. We can help you achieve it at the molecular level. You can do the rest!

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