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Detox: Rules of the game

Detox is all the rage these days, but in order to do it properly, there are some important steps to follow. In this edition, Dr Elena Baranova shares with our readers important tips for detoxifying.

Professor Elena Baranova MD, PhD, HDR

Dr Baranova conducts scientific and clinical research studies in the field of quantum genomics, anti-aging, psychobiology and personalized prevention. Renowned for her advanced knowledge of Genomics, and Anti-aging, she is one of Europe’s leading experts on how to harness this knowledge to change your genetic direction, leading to an abundance of youthful vitality.

Detox can be carried out at various body levels — our internal organs, including the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, and on the cellular level, ensuring a long-lasting and successful effect. It can be done either as a course or on an ongoing basis if you know the basic detox principles. This is what I would like to share with you in detail.

Let’s start with cellular detox, which is vital for our health in general. This method rids our body of toxins and heavy metals. Sadly, the level of heavy metal pollution on our planet is constantly growing. In 2005, I was a member of the special European Commission on Health and Food Quality. The pollution figures were horrendous back then, especially for the heavy metals in the fish coming from the Northern seas. Even 15 years ago, gynecologists in Northern France forbade pregnant women from eating fish caught in the north. Then, the Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded on the coast of Japan, where the majority of our tuna and salmon come from. Heavy metal pollution is, therefore, more relevant than ever, and not only for the fish but more importantly for our drinking water.

I receive many patients suffering from a very high level of heavy metal consumption, mainly through eating salmon and tuna. A good way to avoid this would be eating fish from the Mediterranean.

Heavy metals are difficult to remove, as they settle in tissue and fat cells. Our Institute in Monaco offers a special quantum detox method with products that contain highly activated sulfur and microelements to bind and remove heavy metals. There are also some foods that can aid in our detox process.

Garlic: A Quintessential Product

Garlic is very good for you thanks to its high content of sulfur. This is one of those foods that dates back to antiquity and is still just as effective. It’s no wonder that garlic was found in the Egyptian pharaohs’ sarcophagi. It also works as a strong regulator activating detoxifying genes. In addition, it is also a natural antibiotic preventing the deposition and formation of atherosclerotic plaques in our vessels.

Our body organs are susceptible to various toxins. Whether the intestines, liver, or skin different organs accumulate various toxins. The liver and gall bladder suffer the most from pollution. However, the liver is not the only organ responsible for storing heavy metals and other toxins. Almost all our body cells, including blood, need an occasional detox. A stagnation of metabolic processes in the liver leads to excessive cholesterol levels and a bile accumulation. That is why Ayurvedic medicine suggests special practices that encourage bile and cholesterol drainage.

Alkalization for detox

Another everyday detox method is alkalization. Alkalization prompts detoxifying and anti-aging, while also blocking cancer cells. Cancer cells are known to multiply in an acidic environment, while an alkaline kills them. A German scientist, Otto Warburg, was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery back in 1931.

An original Ayurvedic detox recipe recommends half a cup of warm lemon juice, three pinches of nutmeg and a tablespoon of ginger syrup (to open the bile ducts). Lemons are also extremely good for alkalizing our internal organs.

Grapefruit, particularly pink ones, are another excellent detox product. You can do grapefruit juice diet days. If you put on weight easily and are subject to sugar spikes, it is better use whole grapefruits — blood sugar levels rise more slowly through chewing than drinking because the fibre slows your digestion of sugars.

Detox traps

It must be noted that a particularly intense detox regime could potentially upset your normal hormone balance and provoke early menopause or andropause. If you are over 35, make sure to take Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids regularly, 2–3 grams per day depending on your weight. Some amino acids need to be taken too.

Detox naturally suggests removing meat and meat products from your daily routine. However, we do need protein to build muscle tissue, for hormonal balance and for skin tone. You can use hyper-protein cocktails to maintain your amino acids level. Drink 1–2 hyper protein cocktails per day after your detox course, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Our Institute and partner clinics will be happy to prepare individual detox programs for you. We will find products activating the purification process and maintaining your good health, while avoiding causing fatigue. The products can be purchased from our Institute in Monaco and on our website:

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