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Evian, a rejuvenating path for the royals

An island of serenity and beauty on Lake Geneva. The name of this town is world-famous, evoking the purity of water and the benefits of nature. Evian offers you a replenishing experience amidst its lush greenery and peace.

Making a timeless stop and treating yourself to pampering in this exquisite place is a true luxury. The legendary Royal Evian palace proudly dominates the landscape, emanating a perfect harmony. Take a full breath of its exceptional air while contemplating a limpid lake framed by mountains from the hotel’s terrace. You will then experience a feeling of incredible well-being.

The 5-star luxury Hôtel Royal

This iconic hotel was built in 1909 and has welcomed the most illustrious of guests: sovereigns, aristocracy, artists and more recently, some influential politicians. Its vaults and rotundas decorated with soft country frescoes sheltered the love of SachaGuitry and Yvonne Printemps, welcomed Greta Garbo straight from Hollywood and Prince Shah Aga Khan… They all took in the luxury of its decor, the beauty of its location and the calm of its landscape.

At the heart of the 5-star luxury Hôtel Royal, “Les Fresques” dining room offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

Reopened in the summer of 2015 after a grand renovation, the Royal Evian received a «Palace» distinction in 2016. Its «Les Fresques» restaurant got its first Michelin star last year honouring a refined and inventive cuisine by Patrice Vander. Itsmost unique dishes feature crayfish from Lake Geneva seasoned with royal foie gras or freshly seared, flour fried Arctic char served with spelt of Sault. Its original desserts include a famous hot soufflé with kirsch accompanied by the most prestigious of wines.

“Les Fresques” restaurant, Hôtel Royal

The hotel’s bar is a must-see. A sumptuous designer chandelier contributes to its chic and timeless atmosphere. Similar interiors are traced in the rooms with their natural materials reflecting sober and soft tones. Wood, stone and leather reinforce the hotel’s «cocooning» spirit.

Bar in Hôtel Royal

The memory of water

The name of Evian is known all over the planet. Synonymous with purity, it evokes the lofty mountains, a peaceful lake and the serene climate of its unique town. This is not just about drinking the beneficial water flowing through its veins and enjoying a stroll along its alleyways, but completely immersing yourself in its specially dedicated thermal baths.


Hydrotherapy treatments for all the family are provided here for your enjoyment. You will even find «Evian baby workshops»reminiscent of the famous «Evian baby» publicity campaigns. Spacious areas equipped with swimming pools, relaxation rooms, massage cabins and an outdoor «hydro-contact» circuit at the very centre of the «Royal» attend to every part of your body with special water jets, conveying you an incredible feeling of well-being.


To make it even more perfect, the management has organized a «Yoga Season Experience», a special retreat which, throughout the seasons, is reconnecting you with nature. The sylvotherapy«forest therapy» — goes along the same lines. This is an immersion into the heart of the forest, with its trees rooted in the natural mineral water. A daily hike will guide you through its landscapes populated by spruce, oaks, fir and chestnut trees. New sensations, thorough breathing and meditation are guaranteed… This is another way of taking a «forest bath».

The memory of water here, in Evian, reminds us of a need to reconnect with nature for a true sense of well-being. An energetic, peaceful and revitalizing experience.


Elaborate skincare

A selection of customized treatments is offered to you by the «Quatre Terres Spa» of the Ermitage Hotel, connected to the «Royal» through a park. Indulge in its signature ritual promising a complete relaxation of body and mind. It starts with an exfoliating treatment of salt crystals and essential oils, followed by a personalized clay wrap with special products chosen for a relaxing or revitalizing effect. An alternating massage with hot stones, organic oils and salt crystals in special bags will crown this sensation of happiness.

This is just a sample of treatments offered by the «Ermitage»and the «Royal». Each well-being ritual is meticulously elaborated, catering to your every need and preference. An individualized approach and special à la carte treatments guarantee you a top pampering experience.

Evian One, a revolutionary catamaran

For easy access to the «Royal Evian», a revolutionary boat was launched. This unparalleled catamaran offers you the comfort of a palace and the speed of a spaceship. As soon as you land at Geneva airport, hop on board to reach Lake Geneva for an unforgettable experience.


The «Evian One» catamaran is indeed unique. Leather armchairs, breathtaking views over a grandiose landscape, high speed and comfort for a fun and unforgettable journey. A perfect introduction to a rejuvenating and luxurious stay.

Hôtel Royal. Hôtel Ermitage

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