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Sport in the City: World Class Monaco is celebrating its Eighth Birthday

“Citius, altius, fortius! Faster, higher, stronger!” This Olympic motto has been inspiring athletes for victories ever since 1894. In 2021, its wording was slightly altered to: “Citius, altius, fortius — communis! Faster, higher, stronger — together!”

Its power, both in a literal and figurative sense of the word, cannot be overstated. Developing and growing faster, achieving higher results, getting stronger motivation for practicing sports, doing it together as a family! The World Class Monaco coaching staff’s ambition is bringing this Olympic motto to life.

On October 14, the World Class Monaco celebrated its eighth birthday. On this sunny day, the doors of the fitness club were open to everyone, including guests from all over the French Riviera and even other countries. The morning started with a traditional “Mom, Dad, I are a sports family!” competition for the club members. Our hearts then went to the graceful gymnasts, coached by Yulia Almont (Strelkina). Vitalina Zakharova’s dance group brought a storm of applause with its fiery show, and Alisa Sveshnikova’s pop choir sang everybody’s favourite, the “Incredible”.

The participants were then treated to a number of contests and tombolas rewarded with prizes and gifts. The highpoint of the celebration was a buffet table and a delicious birthday cake! The candles were then collectively blown out and “Happy Birthday” sung both in French and English.

Another sports year is now ahead of us. One of the club’s goals is involving all the family members in its activities. Children will thus be practicing sports alongside their parents in a specially equipped room. They will be accompanied by highly qualified coaches and teachers and take part in special days and competitions held by the club.

The World Class Monaco
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The World Class Monaco is now open to children aged 3+. Girls and boys have an option of doing mini-group or individual classes. The older girls are invited to join the rhythmic gymnastics section. As to dance and choir studios, they are a perfect way of encouraging creativity and communication skills.

A love for sports is inspired from early on. Practicing sports as a family is a sure way of fostering friendship and mutual understanding. The World Class Monaco is there to bring joy, making young and old more beautiful, graceful and happy!

World Class Monaco: TOGETHER into the new year with more success, victories and achievements!

World Class
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06320 CAP D’AIL France
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