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Principality’s International Grimaldi Centre Sees Big With A Legendary Progam of Blockbusters for 2020

Did you know that just a few thousand short of 300.000 visitors thronged to almost 120 events in 2019 at Grimaldi Forum? Expressed another way it’s like beating an Olympic record by 20%. When you are entering your 20th anniversary year that had to warm the hearts of everyone involved.

But no resting on their laurels. The Grimaldi team is already giving us a flavour of the 2020 program worthy of this particular year with around twenty events, blockbusters, unpublished and discoveries of which here is a selection:

> The exhibition-event “Monaco and the automobile, from 1893 to the present day” (July 11 / September 6):

An exceptional event bringing together cars, unpublished objects and unique documents linked to the automotive history of Monaco; more than 50 princely and historic vehicles having participated in the Monaco Grand Prix or the Monte-Carlo Rally will be exhibited together for the first time, with unpublished archives made available by the Automobile Club of Monaco.

Principality's International Grimaldi Centre

> The concert of the legendary Iggy Pop, with his new Opus “FREE” (April 10):

“L’Iguane”, THE rock legend, the punk and grunge influencer chose the Grimaldi Forum among only 8 dates planned in France!

> The world premiere of the next James Bond, “Dying can wait” (April 7): On the red carpet and in world preview, the 25th James Bond “Dying can wait”, will be screened as part of an exceptional evening for the benefit of the Princess Grace Foundation USA.

> The breathtaking show “Tango Fire” (March 6/7):

A show performed by the greatest masters of tango straight from Buenos Aires.

Principality's International Grimaldi Centre

> The musical Priscilla, Queen of the desert (June 4/7):

The most extravagant of musicals will expose you to the beat of the greatest hits of disco music, from Tina Turner to Gloria Gaynor, from Madonna to Kylie Minogue and many others …

Principality's International Grimaldi Centre

Record events, past present and future, and record results with 68 million euros of spin-offs lead to a no-surprise announcement of satisfied sponsors as well as record audiences. So it’s official, in 2020, the Monegasque bank CMB is once again the official partner of the Principality’s Congress and Culture Center!

Principality's International Grimaldi Centre

This January 7, in the indigo space of the Grimaldi Forum, the President of the CMB Etienne Franzi and its CEO Francesco Grosoli signified, pen in hand, their support for the actions and events of the Grimaldi Forum for the year 2020, at the great satisfaction of its President Henri Fissore and Sylvie Biancheri, Managing Director.

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