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“Route du Gout’s” Extraordinary Culinary Bio-Extravaganza on Riva Speed Boats Tantalizes the Tastebuds

High above Monaco in the 5-hectare organic garden of Domaine D’Agerbol Paulo Sari beams just prior to launching his fifth edition of the “Route du Gout”. This features among other things a gastronomic extravaganza on Riva speed boats. Paolo Sari enthusiastically gazes at the organic produce that adorn his kitchen and his restaurant tables in Monaco.

In HelloMonaco’s last interview with this organic master we sought to discover how this Michelin starred Bio-Chef was able to source his ingredients locally. Paolo Sari is after all the first chef to be starred emphasising organic cuisine. And his timing has seemed to coincide perfectly just as Bio has exploded. It must feel good to be ahead of the wave.

“Route du Gout’s”

Paolo Sari: It is starting to happen. I discovered just how incredibly rich is the local Franco-Italian “territoire”. It was almost a secret. We have been importing food to the major hotels and restaurants from thousands of miles away. Just transporting it had a negative impact on the environment.

And so this weekend on the 12th and 13th of October the “Route du Gout” (Journey of Gastronomic Tasting) included an array of local producers on Quaie Antoine, displaying just how far the Principality has come, with Paolo Sari as an organic-flag-waving catalyst, putting emphasis on local Bio ingredients for the dishes in Monaco’s restaurants. Glorious tastings of cheeses, cold cuts, fruits and vegetables, wonderful varieties of mushrooms. This is what sustainability is all about, using the forces of nature, water, sun and wind these artisans bring delicious crunchy vegetables and produce to our tables.

Chefs in Riva speed boats

It all added to the electric atmosphere of the Route du Gout fiesta, the “piece de resistance” – Eight Chefs putting on gastronomic demonstrations on Riva boats. Different ethnic experiences: a star-studded Portuguese chef, a star Italian, a French chef at the pinnacle ( best in France) , a Japanese sushi chef, a Belgian chef, a Luxembourg chef a leader of the Basque Country and an Armenian.

“Route du Gout’s”

It’s an amazing gourmet-tasting opportunity; the event is free and throngs of revellers visited the boats, going from one to another, and enjoying the dishes. Just a few examples:

  • pasta and “fagioli di mare”
  • merlu au chorizo et aux pequillos
  • sushi and seafood dishes “plateaux de fruits de mer”
  • endive salad with shrimps
  • wholesome tasty breads with seeds from squash.

A veritable success and delight for all t the participants.

“Route du Gout’s”

And the event has a serious charitable purpose with an evening gala dinner in the famous Riva Tunnel in honour of international organic cuisine, prepared by the eight chefs. The entrance fee of 100 euros per person helps charitable projects of “Bio Chef Global Spirit”.

Founded in 2015 by Paolo Sari and his wife Moné, thanks to this association “Bio Chef Global Spirit” and several partners, the hotel management school “Institut hôtelier et culinaire biologique Moné et Paolo Sari” was opened to 40 young students in Madagascar in April.

“Route du Gout’s”

Charity twinned with training the young Bio-Chefs of the future – the “Route du Gout” with its special Riva boat free gourmet tasting and feasts, a Bio market and a Charity Gala. Monaco at its best for our enjoyment!

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