The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya

This amazing story started three years ago. While meditating Iryna Parepskaya had a vision of a baby, introducing a whole new dimension into her life. With no professional art training, this young lady is now holding popular exhibitions and vernissages in Monte-Carlo to the delight of her nearest and dearest. Her works have inspired a number of grateful clients whom Irina’s gift has served to help solve personal and business problems. It was Sandrine Garbagnati Knoell, the founder of ArtSGK, who noticed Iryna and organized her first exhibition at Thermes Monte-Carlo in autumn 2020. HelloMonaco interviewed the successful artist to discuss her concept of an “energy picture”, its help in business and the importance of harmony in life.

Iryna moved to Italy 11 years ago. Back then, she was not at all familiar with the world of art. As a child, she used to be a professional gymnast, then majored in international relations whist working as a model during her studies at the University of Milan). This young lady has always been passionate about personal development, meditation and yoga, all of which helped Irina find her unique approach in working with energy.

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya

Iryna calls herself an “energy artist”. Her workspace is truly magical. White canvas, incense sticks, candles, crystals and meditative music. She is dressed all in white robes. “I must always be crystal clear to let the light through.” These kind of rituals and a special inner mood are a must.

Her work cannot really be associated with any particular art trend. The artist admits not to be guided by classical or contemporary art. Iryna’s paintings traditionally have a centrepiece. 

This particular canvas evolves around Madonna wrapped up in an energetic whirlwind of inflorescence and crystals. Delicate, glowing pastels alternate with bright shades and sparkles. Irina’s oil paintings somehow come across as light watercolours. “All my paintings are unique, no one is like another.”

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
“Divine Splendor”

HelloMonaco: Iryna, how did you come up with the idea for your first painting?

Iryna Parepskaya: I was always passionate about colour and wanted to bring the material and spiritual together. I once had a vision of a baby lying in a fountain. It came across as something superhuman … I painted it on the canvas under the name of “Divine Miracle”.

HM: What is the process involved in “energy painting” creation?

IP: I don’t need to know anything about that person in advance. I see colours, I see a person, I feel the energy emanating from him. I only ever try to see the good things. I thus work with the higher “self”.

A person’s energy may be changeable. The colours may be changing even during the process of painting. My clients do recognize themselves, however. Seeing this very personal and unique energetic projection onto the canvas can send them into tears or give them goosebumps. It becomes their icon. A certain communication is established between them and the painting. My paintings are tuned for harmony. I work with colours on a subconscious level. You may see a projection of yourself in a previously painted canvas, it would feel like you “know” this work.

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
“Inner Feminity”

HM: In addition to “energy portraits”, you are known to work upon a client’s request — harmonizing living space or helping in business. Tell us more about it.

IP: Yes, this type of painting, for example, is helpful with carrying out your projects. It has a structure, an implementation channel, attracting the right kind of meetings and ideas.

My paintings “live” in offices and homes. Business managers tend to place them in a study. As to personal works, people would likely keep them in a bedroom. Sometimes my works would “move” around the house. A harmonizing painting may start off in a bedroom, afterwards moving on to a living or dining room. I will sometimes help my clients choose the right place for it.

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
“New Energy”

HM: You have painted “energy portraits of all your family members. What about commissioned work, has your husband specifically asked you to paint for his workspace?

IP: He certainly did! You would find a selection of my works in his office. I’ve also made a painting for his whole team.

HM: Where do you get your inspiration?

IP: For me, inspiration comes from a person. I get restored by nature. There is nothing more beautiful than greenery and the sea.

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
Iryna Parepskaya and Viktoria Silvstedt @artsgk

HM: Is there a celebrity whose image you would like to create?

IP: Prince’s Albert II’s wife Princess Charlene once “visited” me. I had a vision for her “energy portrait”. I would only paint an energy portrait if specifically asked for it, however. I only act upon request. But it would definitely be an honour for me.

HM: Is love and the feeling of being in love important to you?

IP: My art is highly vibrational. I always need to be fulfilled, to touch, to feel the beauty. Love gives me wings. A caress from my husband would give me a vision of different colours every time. Joy and love, that’s what it’s all about.

Instagram: soulenergyartist

The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
The energy of light by Iryna Parepskaya
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