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A Double explosion and Fire hit the Larvotto construction site

On Thursday evening, Monaco firefighters arrived at the Larvotto parking on Princess Grace avenue, where they were called after reported explosions and a fire that engulfed construction materials at the Larvotto Beach construction site.

First, two explosions were heard by the local residents and then two small trucks caught fire, according to the French press. The reasons for this have not yet been established. Trucks were parked at the entrance ramp. No casualties were reported.

Called by residents who heard explosions and saw a fire, Monaco firefighters quickly arrived at the scene.

Given the localization of the fire in the parking, it was necessary to act quickly so that the fire would not spread to other cars parked nearby.

Several fire crews arrived to cope with the fire. Rescuers were equipped with three pump engines, a ladder and were accompanied by an ambulance. They also used a high-powered fan to ventilate the premises.

Around 10 pm, the fire was contained and extinguished, but firefighters remained in place to check and to ventilate the parking and eliminate smoke. They also had to make sure that the fire would not happen again.

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