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A Multi-Million Euro Supercar Turns itself into a Robot and Crashes in Monaco

Not the first time that there has been a multi-million euro near-miss involving Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes in Monte-Carlo. It’s a recipe that is awaiting the most expensive “prang” of all-time. 

This time it was a 3 million plus euro “LaFerrari”… a type of hybrid conversion from the Prancing Horse. And the famous Avenue Spélugues near Casino Square saw a private/valet chauffeur arrive with the super-car in time for the owner to witness his bolide careering into two scooters parked nearby one straddled by its pilot. And a spectacular escape from a pedestrian who was luckily unhurt. 

The “valet” had according to reports exited the “LaFerrari” forgetting, it seems, to apply the handbrake and belatedly tried to throw himself back in the drivers seat and failed as the supercar under its own power hit two awaiting scooters. 

Like Queen Victoria the owner arriving on the scene was not amused. But it was the jackpot for one lucky influencer with his own SUPERCAR Chanel with over 60.000 subscribers we are told. Destiny led him to film the incident well past midnight in the early hours of the morning, He must have felt like the cat that got the cream. 

In any event, expert at his task of filming supercars in action he spontaneously captured the scene and posted it on his YouTube channel. Reportedly less than 24 hours later, the video already had thousands of views …. more than 20.000. And by now more film-networks will have picked up this rare incident that is bound to amuse. 

Joy for the luxury car hunter of G-E SUPERCARS and his you-tube fans, a miserable moment for the furious owner of the “LaFerrari” who no doubt had a more than a few heated words to spare for the “valet”. He probably spared a thought thought for the scooter owners, though. An exchange of phone numbers took place we can imagine. 

The “LaFerrari”, which originally cost in the region of a million plus euros but is now so rare some value it as high as 5 million. Because together with the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder, the three cars form what is called the “Holy Trinity” and are the forerunners for the new, electrically charged hyper cars.

Not to worry the electric blue classic will survive to see happier times to be admired and strut its stuff …many more days with excited fans to inspire. And hopefully without tell-tale scratches to its bumper!

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