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A Subsidy for Renovating Your Windows Scheme Financed by the National Green Fund

From the early autumn, the Prince’s Government wishes to support a large-scale programme of window renovation in the private sector, and has published a ministerial decree introducing a subsidy for this purpose. This is in line with the strategic objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and controlling the demand for energy.

This subsidy is granted to persons who wish to improve the thermal comfort of their premises, whether for residential or mixed use, by replacing single-glazed windows and glazed doors with double or triple glazing. Premises in buildings completed less than 10 years ago are excluded from the scheme.

“This scheme is financed by the National Green Fund and its overall cost is estimated at a maximum of EUR 11.6 million, reducing both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 600 tonnes per year, over several decades” emphasised Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

She added, “At a time when our country is suffering the consequences of the pandemic, it is important to support the local economic fabric.  That’s why the scheme encourages the use of businesses in the Principality by granting applicants who make this choice an additional bonus of 5%; the maximum amount, per window, of the subsidy is then raised.”

This subsidy comes into force on 1 September 2020 for a limited period of five years. The aim is to reach potential beneficiaries as soon as possible with a view to reducing the Principality’s direct and indirect energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that 24,500 windows could be concerned.


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