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Andy Warhol part of Post-War Masters Exhibition at Ribolzi Gallery and other Monaco news

We hope you’re enjoying this nice Spring weekend. And in the meantime we created an update of most interesting pieces of news from the past week here for you.

Post-War Art Exhibition Ribolzi Gallery

Andy Warhol part of Post-War Masters Exhibition at Ribolzi Gallery

Monaco’s Ribolzi Gallery is currently hosting a Post-War Masters exhibition, which gathers works of art and rare pieces dating from the post-war period created by a dozen famous artists.

Adriano Ribolzi, owner of the Ribolzi Gallery and his team assembled a group of the most important artists from the Post-War epoque, an art period which has recently regained popularity.  The exhibition showcases mostly Italian artists as well as a few foreign artists who created work with the same themes as the Italian artists did at the time.

Charles Leclerc Shines in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Charles LeClerc
Charles Leclerc of Monaco and Sauber F1 walks in the Paddock during previews ahead of the Azerbaijan Formula One Grand Prix at Baku City Circuit on April 26, 2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Only his fourth Grand Prix in Formula 1, and Monegasque Charles LeClerc at 20 years old is racking up valuable points. Thirteenth place on the starting grid and a sixth place finish. A fantastic result.

Baku is a track on which Charles excels. The circuit has a superb blend of challenging curves that weave their way through Baku’s attractive Old Town and high-velocity bursts reminiscent of Monza’s long straights. A capricious wind that is constantly changing direction, and town walls that are unforgiving and you have a recipe for a thriller of a Grand Prix. Last year Charles was brilliant racing there in Formula 2 where he won the Baku Feature Race and was second in the Sprint.

Monaco’s Innovative Hot Air Balloon flies to Italy

Hot Air Balloon
@Palais Princier de Monaco

After 10 years of hard work and a successful test launch in March, a world first took place at the Place du Palais: the full-scale launch of an environmentally friendly hot air balloon. After 2 hours of set-up time, the Monaco Aeronauts balloon took off at 7:30am, in the presence of HSH the Sovereign Prince. The flight took place in favourable conditions and concluded, 3 hours later, landing successfully near the Italian municipality of Saluces (Piedmont).

Monaco Friends of Israel Gala celebrates creation of the new Association

Prince Albert at Monaco Friends of Israel Gala

Every year at this time, celebrations are organized in the Principality for the anniversary of the State of Israel, but this year, celebrations were extra-special because of the creation of the brand new ‘Monaco Friends of Israel Association’.  The association held a Gala Evening which also honoured of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel. The association already has several upcoming events planned, which will help maintain ties of friendship between Monaco and Israel.

New Executive Aviation Terminal Just East Of Monaco In Villanova Albenga

New Executive Aviation Terminal

Riviera Airport just to the East of Monaco in Villanova Albenga, on the Italian coast, is expanding to include a new Executive Aviation Terminal.  It serves the Italian Riviera. Importantly it is also positioning to service executive travel to Monaco and the French Riviera, for those who wish to make a discreet entry via the Italian coast.

A Collection of Local Exhibitions not to be Missed, Selected by Nicole Laffont

Alfredo Volpi

Brazilian artist Alfredo Volpi’s exhibition marks an important milestone at the New National Museum of Monaco. A Brazilian artist has never been shown in Europe and the event was made possible thanks to the links that the NMNM has created with international institutions and private collectors.

Securing the Area around Seafront Extension Site

seafront extension project

A Sovereign Ordinance* was published in the Journal de Monaco on 20 April 2018 regulating four zones to secure the maritime area around the offshore Anse du Portierseafront extension project…

Beauty And Shock – Inspired Bedfellows at NMNM Villa Sauber

“Mechanical Garden”

“Mechanical Garden” – just the juxtaposition of the two words together startles. It’s almost an oxymoron, certainly a challenge to the senses. At the New National Museum of Monaco NMNM in Villa Sauber that is what they do so well – set our senses alight; play with the possibilities within the virtually impossible.

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