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Are Residents Respecting the Quarantine and the Curfew?

There is a curfew after 10 pm in place and the streets are deserted at night now. During the day journeys out alone are still permitted to walk a pet, exercise, go shopping or to the pharmacy or take care of a child of dependent.

All in all the restrictions are being well respected with the reported exceptions of gatherings of three or four walking as a group instead of walking alone.

The Monaco police are reported to have made about 3000 checks of which only 150 are found to be in contravention, mainly by people from neighbouring communities who should not be wandering into Monaco.

No fines are being given at the moment but it could happen in future with the fines ranging from 70 euros to 200 euros.

All in all the number of cases in Monaco remain low given that in the Principality there is a high degree of testing. The count of coronavirus cases in Monaco is currently 31 including one recovery.

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