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Change At The Helm Of The Prince Albert II Foundation And A New Role For Bernard Fautrier

The Prince Albert II Foundation will have a change at the top as of October 1, 2019 when Olivier Wenden will become its new Vice President. Emphasis has been placed on continuity in making this appointment as Olivier Wenden has been the Executive Director of the Foundation since 2014, a position that allowed him, to work hand in hand with Bernard Fautrier for years making contributions to the development of philanthropy and institutional partnerships.

Bernard Fautrier, who exits his role as the current Vice President, himself steps into another related role and has been appointed “special advisor to the sovereign for environmental issues” – an important role as the future of the Planet depends on how we care for our environment.

Change At The Helm Of The Prince Albert Ii Foundation

And this is a particular busy time in the Principality and the world on environmental issues. In New York, all eyes have been on the UN as it hosts the Climate Summit. Who could have missed Greta Thunberg and President Trump there – at opposite poles for all to see on environmental issues. And now in Monaco, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has its own special report on the ocean and the cryosphere, all inextricably linked with the climate.

The premier event in the Principality this month of September, along with the Yacht Show is, of course, Gala des océans, with Nicole Kidman as “master of ceremonies”; featuring alongside her are Robert Redford, Uma Thurman and Andy Garcia. It is all for the benefit of the Prince Albert’s Foundation. The change of direction at the Prince Albert II Foundation was effected by Sovereign Ordinance 7673.

Change At The Helm Of The Prince Albert Ii Foundation

The Sovereign’s Foundation, has fought since 2006 for the protection of the planet and will continue tirelessly to do so.Bernard Fautrier at its head since its creation in 2006, has mainly concentrated on enhancing its international reputation, in accordance with the wishes of the sovereign Prince.

Bernard, in order to focus on his new duties role as “special advisor to the sovereign for environmental issues”, will also leave his duties as chargé of missions with the Minister of State for questions of sustainable development. He will remain a member of the board of directors of the Foundation assuring continuity.

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