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Checks throughout Monaco and at the country’s borders

The Police Department stepped up checks throughout the Principality of Monaco and at the country’s borders to ensure compliance with travel restrictions.

The aim of the lockdown measures in place is to reduce the spread of COVID-19, which is facilitated by people’s movements and contacts with others.

On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April, officers from the Police Department carried out a little over 3,500 checks, both at the Principality’s borders and within the country. Around 200 people were asked to return home, having failed to comply with the instruction to keep outings brief.

Some 20 fines were issued to people who were unable to offer a valid reason for being on the streets.

During checks at the Principality’s border, nearly 120 vehicles were refused access to the country.

The Prince’s Government reiterates its appeal for everyone to comply fully with the rules that have been put in place to protect the national community as far as possible. At this point, these lockdown rules are the most effective way of ensuring that our health care facilities can continue to cope.

Consequently, all travel is prohibited except for:

  1. travel between home and place(s) of work where this is essential to carry out activities that cannot be done via teleworking, or business travel that cannot be postponed;
  2. travel to purchase supplies required for work and basic necessities from local shops and businesses that are authorised to remain open to the public;
  3. travel for health reasons, i.e. consultations and treatment that cannot be carried out remotely or postponed; consultations and treatment for patients with long-term conditions;
  4. travel for critical family reasons, to assist vulnerable people or look after children;
  5. brief outings (of short duration) for:
    • individual physical exercise (all group sporting activities and close contact with other people are prohibited)
    • walking with others from your own household only
    • looking after pets
  6. travel to comply with a legal or administrative summons;
  7. travel to take part in public interest activities at the request of the administrative authorities.

Travel to visit family members or friends is prohibited under all circumstances. The same applies to travelling to the countryside or boat trips.

The Police Department will enforce strict compliance with these measures and will be authorised to record an offence against anyone in breach of them, with fines of up to €200.


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