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Construction Sites resume Under Strict Health Standards

The public in the Principality have been worried about the resumption of certain construction projects, fearing workers might worsen the spread of COVID-19.  Since 8 April, the government has set up strict health and safety standards for those involved in construction, which should put many people’s minds at ease. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all those involved in building and public work activities are now required to follow health and safety measures and submit a file to the Department of Urban Planning.  Sites that do not follow the health and safety regulations may be punishable by law.

Although the government halted public work sites at the beginning of the pandemic, they have since reopened work on Larvotto beach to guarantee access to the beach this summer and ensure completion of commercial spaces in 2021.  Other private operations, such as the Mareterra project on the sea extension, have been criticized by the public for continuing construction. The deputy president of JB Pastor & Fils, Patrice Pastor, recently told local news that, as of 16 March, strict sanitary rules had been put in place.

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According to the general health standards for construction sites, released by the Princely government, sites must now:

-Ensure daily cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

-Workers must keep a 1 metre distance minimum.

-Changing rooms and bathrooms must be used in turn to prevent several people in a small confined space.

-Premises must be permanently ventilated.

-Antibacterial hand sanitizer must be provided to employees, in the bathrooms in particular.

-Awareness must be raised among the staff concerning hygiene instructions, in particular frequent hand washing.

Construction sites will be resuming all over France and Monaco with these new safety standards in place and many companies are thankful that work can continue without much delay.  Although it is presently too early to calculate how much of an economic impact the pandemic will be causing, Patrice Pastor thanked the princely government for its responsiveness and its availability at all times, which has made it possible to provide unprecedented solutions and support during this ongoing crisis.

What about emergency home renovations?

A free home repair service has been set up for certain people in the Principality.  The service for urgent emergency repairs will help isolated seniors, those who are sick with COVID-19 at home, those in preventive quarantine, and disabled people in Monaco.

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