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Coronavirus quarantine: extension of confinement in Monaco

A communiqué from the Princely Government has just extended the quarantine. The Princely Government, on instructions from H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, has decided to extend the decision of March 17 on the quarantine with respect to Covid 19 (otherwise known as temporary travel regulationsuntil May 3 inclusive.

This decision is part of the need to continue efforts to further contain the spread of the virus. These containment rules have for three weeks to date, shown their effectiveness in order to ensure the sustainability of the Principality’s health structures. It is essential to remember that the virus does not circulate alone; it is the movement of people that promotes the pandemic.

Coronavirus quarantine


Thus all travel is prohibited except:

Travel for Professional Reasons

Travel between the home and the place(s) of exercise of professional activity, when it is essential for the exercise of activities which cannot be organized in the form of telework or constitute professional journeys which cannot not be deferred;

Travel to purchase supplies necessary for professional activity and purchases of basic necessities in establishments and local shops authorized to accommodate the public;

Travel for Health Reasons 

Travel for health reasons, namely consultations and care that cannot be provided remotely and that cannot be deferred; consultations and care of patients with long-term conditions;

Travel for Family Emergencies 

Travel for imperative family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable people or childcare;

Coronavirus quarantine

Short Trips for Exercise or With Pets

Short trips related to individual physical activity of people, (to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice and of any proximity with other people) either walking with the only people gathered in the same home, or for the needs of pets;

Travel Required for Judicial Reasons including Summons 

Travel to meet a judicial or administrative summons;

Travel for participation in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority.

In any case, travel to visit a family member or friends is NOT allowed. The same is true for trips to the countryside or on boats.

Social Distancing

People must respect permanently, in all places and in all circumstances a prohibition of 1.5 meters.

Public Security will ensure the strict application of the provisions adopted and will be empowered to verbalize offenders with a fine of up to 200 euros.

Reinforced Police Patrols 

On the occasion of this Easter weekend, controls will be reinforced. Public Security, equipped with a drone, will sweep the national territory in order to ensure that there is no regrouping on the public highway.

In addition, joint Monegasque-French control operations will take place at the border. The objective is to limit as much as possible the incoming and outgoing circulation to and from the country.

The Princely Government is aware of the efforts required of each and everyone. Staying confined at home, especially with the arrival of sunny days, requires patience and rigour put to the test with the announced extensions.

The Government thanks and wishes to express its full support to each Monegasque and to each resident in these special moments. The measures enacted have no other purpose than to protect the population from the coronavirus.

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