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Covid-19 Strikes Legendary Sass Cafe Which Has Immediately Closed

The end of the quarantine has given way to an opening of borders and a summer of festivities. Europe appeared to be happily emerging from the pandemic. For a while it has seemed that masks and social distancing and caution with respect to holding large events would keep us all safe from Covid-19. But even as Monaco has kept its discipline with respect to barrier gestures you don’t have to go far to neighbouring towns to see a more relaxed ambiance.

The cost of this splurge of joyfulness has meant a resurgence of the virus as people travel, party and mingle. And though Monaco’s comprehensive testing of its residents and working population who commute in showed only a tiny residue of the virus here, it has arrived again infrequently but just now also via a commuter working in Sass Cafe.

This additional temporary waiter went for a Covid test in France and was found positive, now sick with the Covid-19 virus. Immediately all the employees and service providers in Sass were tested, over 65 employees in all. Good news at least for the 59 whose results came back negative.

Covid-19 Strikes Legendary Sass Cafe

Then the bad news – four new cases of Covid-19 were detected among the staff.

Which resulted in this notice of closure posted on Sass Cafe’s Facebook page – even with 250 seats already reportedly booked for Saturday night:


Dear friends and customers since the outbreak of the pandemic our strategy and message was always clear that we will protect all our staff friends and people connected with us in any way that was possible. Due to some workers having tested positive today, and in order to safeguard everybody, we have to take the unfortunate decision to close Sass Cafe with immediate effect. Please take great care of yourselves. We’ll keep you posted when Sass Cafe we’ll be able to reopen.


Sass Family “

With four cases on Friday, two on Saturday and four more on Sunday and three on Monday the Principality has not been able to be completely immune from the growing wave of coronavirus cases in the countries close to its borders.

#Repost @samysass with @make_repost・・・🙏🏽WE HAD NO CHOICE🙏🏽Dear friends and customers, Since the outbreak of the…

Опубликовано Sass Cafe Monaco Суббота, 22 августа 2020 г.

Cases continue to rise in Europe, particularly in France and Germany. On August 24th , the total of recorded cases in Monaco reached 115 infections, including non-residents. Three people are currently hospitalised at Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital, including a resident who is in the ICU. 26 other people who show mild symptoms are self-isolating at home and their health is being monitored by local doctors.

Keep safe and healthy. Wear masks and be careful to keep your distance socially. Cleanse hands regularly.

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