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Government unveils New Road Rules for Cyclists and Scooters

As of March 2020, new rules for the use of motorized and non-motorized vehicles will be enforced in Monaco. The princely government recently unveiled these new changes on the cusp of Monacos energy transition, as the public switches to greener modes of transportation.  Scooters, electric bikes and hover boards are all steps in the right direction, but raise many concerns about safety and the sharing of public roads.

According to Interior Minister Patrice Cellario, the Principality had about a dozen accidents on Monabike electric bikes, including one relatively serious one, last year.

New Road Rules for Cyclists and Scooters

In October 2019, the use of various new motorized vehicles was included in an updated version of Frances Highway Code. The princely government was largely inspired to unveil, on 7 February, its new regulations. According to Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, the Prince’s Government relied on the expertise of around forty representatives of institutions and the voluntary sector to define rules of use in order to improve both mobility and the safety of all users.

Several measures have been adopted: wearing a helmet is compulsory for all cyclists up to 18 years of age, bicycles will now be permitted on bus lanes and the age of use for Monabikes has been lowered from 16 to 14 years old.

New Road Rules for Cyclists and Scooters

Electric scooters

Regarding electric scooters, the use of which is now authorized, the following are now compulsory: wearing a helmet for those under 18 and wearing of reflective clothing or equipment. Scooters must be equipped with brakes, a horn, lights and a reflecting device. They are authorized to drive on the roadway, bus lanes and cycle paths. However, they are prohibited on sidewalks.  Any scooter must also be driven at 25 km/h or slower.

Non-motorized modes of transport

In addition, users of non-motorized modes of transport (skateboards, rollerblades, scooters without motors) are considered pedestrians and must therefore circulate on the sidewalks. Regarding hoverboards, Segways and monoroues, they are prohibited from driving on the road but are authorized on cycle paths.

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