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Gyms and Sports Halls will be allowed to gradually resume their activities

As only 2.5% of the residents have been in contact with Covid-19 and there being no sign of renewed infections paves the way for the reopening of sports halls on June 15.

France’s sports centers are already open in their safe zones (green), including those next to Monaco. 

To open, the Sports halls need to meet certain health requirements: 

  • Customers will be received, if possible, by reservation. 
  • Staff must keep the visitor list for a period of 14 days in order to be able to trace and isolate any possible positive case and its contacts.
  • Traffic flows will need to be established to avoid members getting too close to each other
  • Members must arrive in their sports gear and disinfect the equipment after each use.
  • Finally, the use of showers and changing rooms will be prohibited; only the toilets will be accessible.
Gyms and Sports Halls will be allowed to gradually resume their activities

From 15 June, gyms will be allowed to gradually resume their activities. Starting on this date, gym operators will be invited to submit their proposals for implementing public health recommendations. Only once these measures have been approved by the health authorities will individual gyms be allowed to reopen to the public

The Prince’s Government and the National Council shared a determination to continue the resumption of economic activity, by expanding opportunities to reopen to further sectors given that the spread of the virus is controlled in the Principality.

Consequently, from Saturday 6 June, the following was once more opened to the public:

  • Children’s playgrounds (slides, swings, climbing frames and various attractions);
  • Self-service, outdoor sports equipment;
  • Private and public swimming pools.
Gyms and Sports Halls will be allowed to gradually resume their activities

Water supplies and soap, along with hand sanitiser dispensers, were installed for use by children close to sports and recreational areas.

In the case of swimming pools, managers are asked to submit to the Department of Health Affairs details of their access procedures and the layout of the swimming area. Proposals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Monegasque health authorities, who will approve them (monitoring of chlorine levels, no paddling pools, regular disinfection, individual changing rooms, etc.). Regular checks on swimming pool management procedures and water quality will be carried out.


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