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Let’s see a Movie: Cinemas in Monaco are Opening!

Film enthusiasts will be happy to watch movies on the big screen once again now that Monaco’s Beaux Arts cinema has opened its doors to the public after being closed during the pandemic.

Although the Principality’s government never forced cinemas to close, except during the lockdown of spring 2020, the cinema world came to screeching halt during the pandemic. Distributors dwindled productions, the public were cautious about mingling indoors and the Beaux Arts cinema felt that it was their ethical duty to keep people safe and stay closed since November, minus a 15-day stint during the December holidays. But on 1 June, all that finally changed and the cinema resumed its schedule of showing films seven days a week, from 2pm till 9:30pm.

More film releases than ever before…

When it rains, it pours! Now that cinemas are reopening around the world, more films are being released than ever before. In June for example, Universal Studios will be releasing a movie a week. (Before the pandemic, the studio released two films a month.) This week, film fans can enjoy Disney’s Cruella, starring Emma Stone; Wrath of Man, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham; The Conjuring; Tom & Jerry; and much more at Monaco’s cinema.

The Beaux Arts cinema has endured a particularly difficult year, withstanding the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the death of the cinema’s director, Thierry Tréhet. His son, Arthur Tréhet, who is 20 year old, has taken over his father’s role as director. His mother, Anne Tréhet, and Sergio Machado, an employee who has been working with the family for twenty years, are by the new director’s side as he takes up the family torch. Last year, just before March 2020 lockdown, Arthur Tréhet had stopped his studies to work alongside his father, learning from him for a year. The young man grew up at the cinema, celebrated all his birthdays there and has a head full of new ideas for the future of the establishment.

Open Air Cinema: end of June

The classic open air cinema, which signals the start of summer in Monaco and traditionally opens around 17 June, is tentatively scheduled to open at the end of June. With the midnight curfew still in place, the outdoor projections have a specific constraint. It needs to be dark out to see the films.  The films usually begin at 10 pm, which would conflict with the curfew. Curfew is expected to be lifted on 27 June and the open air cinema hopes to begin showing films around then.

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