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Masks and Gloves on Public Roads are Now Fined up

The widespread wearing of masks and gloves, which is recommended for everyone’s protection against COVID-19 transmission, had resulted in a new type of anti-social behaviour: the dumping of such items on public roads.

With a view to maintaining cleanliness and out of respect for local people, the Urban Policing Division, the Marine and Airport Police Division and the Quality of Life Preservation Unit will now routinely record offences against those responsible, who will be fined up to a maximum of 300 euros.

This offence falls under the provisions of the Environment Code, which states that “it is prohibited to dump or dispose of items, rubbish or contaminants of any kind in a public space, whether deliberately or through negligence…”.

Offences will also be recorded against those who dump other waste, such as food, drinks or cigarette butts.


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