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Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco

Monaco is drastically changing. With much of the Principality under construction, many are intrigued by how Monaco is evolving and what it will look after all the dust has settled. Here’s what we know about Monaco’s modernizing projects.

Testimonio Project

Opposite Larvotto Boulevard, the Testimonio project is currently taking shape, for an estimated delivery in 2022.  he project will host two government towers and an International School. Known as the last great building plot of the Principality, it covers an immense area from Boulevard d’Italie to Princesse-Grace Avenue.

Over the summer, the deep foundations were completed. Now, the two future towers are in progress and the 900 space parking lot is underway. On boulevard du Larvotto, civil engineering works are underway until February, which explains the current traffic restrictions.

This important project is within the national housing plan, which was initiated by the government last March. At the end of the year, teams will begin the structural work of the Testimonio II tower which will house 181 dwellings.

Testimonio II tower should be ready by summer of 2022, followed closely by Testimonio II-bis (158 apartments) and the International School.

Princess Grace Hospital

Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco
Princess Grace

The architecture for the hospital building has begun to emerge. On Pasteur Avenue, construction of the future Princess Grace Hospital is underway, with the first phase of creating a parking lot with 500 spaces. The first two wings of the new hospital will be delivered in 2025. The big move is planned for 2026. This includes the entire southern part of the building, which will house most of the hospital services, emergencies, operating theatres, medical imaging, hemodialysis, and the big technical platforms – also the car park and the gazebo. Remaining in the current CHPG building will be only the polyclinic, the maternity tower and the Louis-II pavilion. They will be completely renovated in their current premises as the completion of their transfer to the new building will not be fully implemented until 2032. Finally, after services are transferred to the new building and the old building are demolished, two other wings will be constructed between 2026 and 2030.

Citys Entrance

Construction of the City’s Entrance was suddenly interrupted on 30 May after the collapse of a crane (what caused the accident is being investigated and is still unknown). Work on the site, located at the Exotic Gardens, was resumed at the end of August. Teams will begin structural work for the parking lot, with over 1,800 spaces, until the end of the year 2021. Structural work on the buildings will be finished in mid-2022, and will include offices, shops and homes. The end of the work is estimated in the first half of 2023.

Seafront Extension

Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco
Anse du

The final caisson for the Anse du Portier seafront extension project was recently put in place, completing the circumference of the foundation, defining the size of the site. Next comes the stage to create the land-mass of Portier Cove by first draining the salt-marsh inside the contour and in-filling with quarry sand imported from Marseilles France and Piombino in Italy. This sand is now filling the belt, which will be finished in spring 2020. The first buildings will be completed in 2022 and the project will be finalized by 2025.

Constructed Halted on Îlot Pasteur

Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco
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After preparatory work was completed, the Îlot Pasteur building site has halted for several months now. There is currently no activity in the area, located at the western side of the Principality. At the end of the year 2018, after excessive costs for the foundations, the government had made the choice to overhaul the project to better control costs.

College and Espace Léo-Ferré

The future college of the Principality, destined for 1,400 students is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year 2023. The new espace Léo-Ferré, moved from the Fontvieille site, will be ready in mid-2024.

Beach Palace

Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco

The once mythical Belle Epoque building on Princess Grace Avenue is being reconstructed into a new building. JB Pastor is constructing the building, designed by architect Suzanne Belaieff. 12 new apartments, including a duplex and a triplex, shops and parking spaces for residents on 15 floors swill be finished by the end of the year.

Giroflées Tower

The Giroflées tower climbs over the Boulevard d’Italie. Six villas in the neighbourhood were demolished to make way for the base of the 24 storey tower. The project, developed by the Michel Pastor group and designed by architect Rainier Boisson, will house 73 luxury housing units and should be ready by July 2021.

26 Carré Or

Modernizing Projects Changing the Face of Monaco

Located at 26 avenue de la Costa, the Carré Or is quickly shaping up to become a high-end luxury residence in a prime location. The 19-storey, tapered, all-glass building is currently under construction and should be finished by the end of the year.  The ground floor to the 3rd floor will be dedicated to businesses and offices. There will be nine apartments on the 4th to the 19th floors and the top four floors will be one 1,650 square metre penthouse with a private infinity pool on a panoramic roof. The building is a contemporary design with many Art-Deco inspired features. The sweeping, two-story main foyer is like a welcoming work of art, created with stunning grandeur, shapes, lines and materials.

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