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Monaco at the Dubai World Expo 2020 and and other Monaco news

The little Principality of Monaco has always big plans for the future. And here we selected the most interesting pieces of the past week.

Monaco at the Dubai World Expo 2020

Monaco Expo Dubai 2020

The Monaco Inter Expo organization is currently in an important phase: meeting and interviewing the members of different Monegasque entities to prepare for the Dubai World Expo in 2020. The Monaco Inter Expo philosophy has recently been evolving. From now on, the Monegasque pavilion architecture will be fully accessible and will be integrated with new displays.

Meeting of the Committee on Monetary Agreement between the European Union and Monaco

Committee on Monetary Agreement
Committee on Monetary Agreement©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

A meeting of the Committee on Monetary Agreement between the European Union and Monaco was held recently in the Principality.

This meeting was chaired by Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, and brought together, for the European Union, authorities from the French banking and financial sectors, the European Commission and the ECB.

Monaco commemorates Universal Children’s Day

Children's Day in Monaco

Presidents of Monegasque humanitarian associations met with pupils of CM2 to commemorate Universal Children’s Day last week.

Under the patronage of HSH the Sovereign Prince, the Principality meets every year to celebrate the anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20 November 1989.

Seafront Extension Project: Who is Francis Beaufort?

Francis Beaufort

A new guest has arrived in Monaco to work on the seafront extension project. The guest’s name is Francis Beaufort, and he is an enormous ship weighing 11,500 tonnes and measuring 142 meters in length. The Francis Beaufort has been tirelessly working on Monaco’s seafront extension project on the banks of the Larvotto. The vessel is equipped with pumps which have been dredging up unpolluted sediments from the bottom of the sea in order to prepare for the extension’s foundations, since the seabed has to be flat before the gigantic caissons can be installed.

Visits of French presidents to Monaco: from Felix Faure to Charles de Gaulle

Armand Fallières
Armand Fallières visiting Monaco. Archive Treasures @

Albert I and Rainier III knew very well that the principal task in the development of foreign connections was to create formal diplomatic channels, important elements of which were official visits. After gaining its independence in 1861, Monaco began to assert itself as a separate state and demonstrate its geo-significance. As a result, the princedom turned its attention toward laying the groundwork for official receptions of the leaders of the French Republic. HelloMonaco will describe for you how those presidential visits unfolded over the course of a century, and what was fascinating or curious about each of them.

Smart-City Monaco – Matrix is part of the move forward

Smart-City Monaco – Matrix
30 students to participate in a Matrix initiative for Smart-City Monaco under the guidance of Minister of State Serge Telle.

The Government of the Principality has welcomed recently 30 students who have been invited to participate in a Matrix initiative for Smart-City Monaco under the guidance of Minister of State Serge Telle. Matrix (an Ecole 42* program) is in partnership with the Government on this important project. Xavier Niel, of Monaco Telecom, and founder of Free is giving support. Xavier Neil has launched in partnership with the Monaco the first incubator-accelerator of the Principality to build entrepreneurship and assist start-ups with their capital needs so that they can grow and flourish here.

Annual Reception for Monaco’s Social Economic Council: satisfying results of the 2017 year

André Garino, president of Monaco’s Social Economic Council

The Social Economic Council is an institution which is essential to the economic life of the Principality.  Its mission is to give advice on social, economic, financial, tourism, industrial and commercial issues. During the annual reception, the fourth president of the council, André Garino, congratulated with the satisfying results of the 2017 year.  Hot topics are a priority for the consultive assembly, which gathers economic and social players from the Principality.

Bicycles from Monaco: the Grand Prix Route to Education for Indian Children

Childcare Monaco

Imagine 90 young children, many who were sleeping in the street, or were abused, or had to work slavishly in the fields, who were not clothed well and had few possessions and had little hope for the future.

Now their faces shine with hope. Children in our advanced nations take schooling for granted and some even treat going to school as a chore. For these Indian children, that Monaco Child Care is helping, this new opportunity to go to school is a blessing. They often beam with happiness as if they have won the lottery.

Prince Jacques I of Monaco: Prior Owner of Matignon, the French Prime Minister’s Residence in Paris

Jacques and Hypolite Monaco Channel
Prince Jacques and Princess Louise-Hippolyte of Monaco

You may wonder what is the link between the Princes of Monaco and Matignon, the French Prime Minister’s residence in Paris. And why does the Prince of Monaco also have the title Sire of Matignon. It all goes back to the first decades of the 1700s when the Grimaldi Prince, Antoine I of Monaco had no male heirs in line to the throne and sought a husband for his daughter Princess Louise-Hippolyte of Monaco who would become hereditary sovereign of Monaco.

Sport in the City: TRX as special suspension training

TRX as special suspension training

The Coach of the group training programs of the Monaco World Class Club, Julien Arneodo, spoke about the increasing popularity of TRX classes.

TRX is a type of sports equipment for a work-out where your own body weight is used. The training tool consists of two bands that are connected to each other and fixed at a certain height. The TRX X-mount provides an ideal combination of support and deliberate instability in order to develop such physical qualities as strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and stabilization, excluding putting an axial load on the spine.

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