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Monaco at the Dubai World Expo 2020

The Monaco Inter Expo organization is currently in an important phase: meeting and interviewing the members of different Monegasque entities to prepare for the Dubai World Expo in 2020. The Monaco Inter Expo philosophy has recently been evolving. From now on, the Monegasque pavilion architecture will be fully accessible and will be integrated with new displays.

The current objectives for the Inter Expo are to sensitize all Monegasque entities and prepare them for Dubai 2020; with the spirit and idea of inviting everyone to the pavilion and presenting, to the international world, a ‘Monaco 360°’. Firstly, Monegasque entities should understand the interests of those living and travelling in Dubai to maximize the returns of the event.  Albert Croesi, General Commissioner of the Monaco-Dubai Pavilion 2020, said that the architecture of the pavilion will be adapted so anyone interested in visiting can feel included. Visitors will be helped into the presentation room and into a vip section. Anyone seriously interested in Monaco will have the opportunity to discuss specific things Monaco is known for, like the ballet, the opera, the Olympic committee and more.

Monaco Expo Dubai 2020

Many steps need to be completed, including the pavilion’s specifications and a call for tenders, before the public opening of the Dubai World Expo in October 2020. With less than three years until the Expo, Albert Croesi believes the organization has to work very quickly and everything has to be scheduled by the end of 2018.

The theme of the Dubai World Expo is ‘Connecting minds, Creating the future’ which can be defined by three more specific themes: opportunity, mobility and sustainability. These are all themes that resonate with the Principality. Through its pavilion at the World Expo, Monaco will have an opportunity to create a window to the many activities and opportunities it has to offer.

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