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Monaco Colours at Stade Louis II are under question

If you can’t change the whole world, there is still room for a bright idea to create a wave. And one AS Monaco fan is putting his energy in improving the look of Stade Louis II – the look of the seats that is.

How long have fans put up with the seats being yellow. When someone wakes us up, the light bulb goes on as what the ideal colour for the seats might be – the colours of the Principality of course!

The idea has had its first small test on Twitter with an enthusiastic following of the over 200 fans sampled – more than 90% gave the thumbs up. 

Recently, it was the Stade de Rennes which had changed its green seats to seats in their colours: red and black; and it’s reportedly very successful.

If you want to sign  the petition to change the seat colours, please follow the link and leave your signature. While this article was in work, more than 840 have already signed this initiative launched by a loyal supporter of the AS Monaco.

“We are very attached to our colours and this change would only better represent Monaco”, underlines the author of the petition addressed to the Monaco government.

What do you think? Red and White seats in the Principality’s stadium? 

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