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Monaco Extends the Quarantine by Two Weeks Until April 15th

On instructions from H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, and similar to the measures taken by France and Belgium, the Princely Government, has amended the original decision taken March 17 to now extend the quarantine until April 15, 2020 inclusive – that’s two weeks more. 

This is in order to continue the efforts made over the past ten days to try to contain the spread of the virus. The virus does not circulate alone. It is the movement of people that promotes the epidemic which with the analyzes of the latest 9 samples taken up to March 27th brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 42, including one who is now cured. 

It is reported that the peak of the crisis is yet to arrive but that Princess Grace hospital is fully equipped to meet it with ample beds and equipment to help breathing. 

As far as the quarantine is concerned, limited errands outside to get food, to get medical treatment, or to assist a family member is allowed. A short outing to walk pets or for individual sports is also allowed.

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Places which were open for public gatherings prior to the quarantine remain closed in particular restaurants, cafes, concert halls, cinemas, casinos and nightclubs. 

Remaining open are:

• Food stores and markets,

• Pharmacies,

• Tobacco and press/news outlets,

• Gas stations and banks.

Complete night-time curfews between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. are also in force.

These restrictions on night movements do not apply to personnel duly authorized to move due to the essential nature of their missions such as: care and assistance personnel, for security or for ‘an imperative necessity’ like for example, the assistance to a fragile person.

Public Security will ensure the strict application of the provisions laid down and will be empowered to fine offenders up to 200 euros.

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