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Monaco Fir Enclosures in which to Drop Off your Christmas Tree

That beautiful natural Christmas tree – what to do with it now? Thanks to the Monaco Mairie and the SMA there are special depots all over the Principality specially organised uniquely for your Christmas tree.

You will have no problem recognizing the “Dépose Sapins” behind the gray barriers – they are often already quite noticeable with their mounds of guess what – solely natural Christmas trees. That’s the point, devoid of their ornaments these are nature’s own and can be returned to nature as compost.

This idea of special collection points started in 2018 and has also, as well as been a great environmental gesture, prevented thrown-out trees from encumbering the pavements. 

So spare a thought for setting a record this year. Would you guess on well over a thousand trees are expected to be recovered. Imagine that pile when the SMA truck takes them away ….. a small mountain that then gets burned to yield compost. Back to nature to fuel further growth – a natural green cycle. 

In the past, so many trees were not valued and left on the sidewalk with the household garbage, even though it is green waste that can be easily recycled. At 10 kilos approx on average a tree that’s a huge amount of heavy waste non- recycled if they are not separated. 

Now it is easy to give them a second life and avoid a fine for illegal dumping. Drop them off in your nearest fir enclosure. Be one of the increasing number helping « green » the Principality. 

And please remember to remove all the ornaments and artificial snow leaving 100% pure nature to be burned and returned to fertile soil. 

Fir Enclosures 

Here is where you will find the «Dépose Sapins» fir enclosures:

Place Saint Nicolas
Place Sainte Dévote
Promenade Honoré II
Allée Saint Jean-Paul II
Esplanade Albert 1er
Avenue Princess Grace
Boulevard du Larvotto
Vallon La Rousse
Place des Moulins
Pont Sainte Dévote
Place Saint Charles
Boulevard de Belgique

12 enclosures waiting for your Christmas tree until January 31st.

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