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Monaco Marine Invests in the expansion and construction of the shipyard in Antibes

Monaco Marine has some great news to share this year: Monaco’s shipyard is investing 6,500,00€ in Chantier Tréhard in Antibes. The facility is already named Monaco Marine Antibes.

The project is not a spontaneous idea, it has been developing since 2012. Tanguy Ducros, the commercial director of Monaco Marine, is convinced that thanks to the company’s long experience and the years of work on this project, Monaco Marine Antibes has every chance to become not just an innovation, but to become the perfect shipyard.

The pandemic has certainly impacted the production of large super yachts, but Monaco Marine has successfully prepared 350 yachts for the summer. The main motivation of the company according to the chief commercial director are the clients of the company and their satisfaction. This is what drives the company to continually grow and improve. The pandemic has forced adjustments on all businesses, and people are afraid to risk and invest during times of uncertainty. So Tanguy Ducros emphasizes how important it is now to be among the companies that continue to invest, grow, and expand.

 Infrastructure investment

Monaco Marine has officially extended the lease on the site until 2042. The infrastructure already includes two lifts available to the company with a capacity of 200 and 80 tons. It was this infrastructure and location in the port of Vauban that prompted the team to implement a multi-year development plan.

The investment plan includes financing an additional 9,000 square meters of Port Gallice for boats up to 16 m, a new 300-ton lift, a larger sling, a new workshop, guest areas, an eco-efficiency plan and improved power supply for larger yachts. 

Thanks to the team’s bold and ambitious plans Monaco Marine Antibes is surely destined to be one of the largest yachting centres on the Côte d’Azur. 

Why is Monaco Marine destined to succeed?

Monaco Marine owns 7 ships from Marseille to Monaco. The company has been operating in this market since 1995 and has more than 220 employees under its supervision. This background leads to the firm belief that the market will respond positively to the news of the launch of Monaco Marine Antibes.

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