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Monaco’s Police Force unveil a Comic Book for their 120th anniversary

Last year, Monaco’s Police Force celebrated its 120th anniversary at the Oceanographic Museum and unveiled several surprises to commemorate the occasion, including a new comic book by Yvon Bertorello.

Based on a true events, the graphic novel begins at the Monaco Grand Prix, when criminals are planning a robbery in the Principality, all while the princely couple are visiting the stands. The book is inspired by a real armed robbery which took place in 2017 in Monaco.

The idea for the comic was initially unveiled in the presence of Prince Albert II, Charlotte Casiraghi, Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, Minister of the Interior, Patrice Cellario and Director of Police Department, Richard Marangoni. The 60-page book was released in November as a special edition given only to Police personnel and a limited number of personalities.

Comic is approved by the Defense Lawyer

Although the comic is based on reality, many elements have been fictionalised and altered for dramatic effect. In January 2024, Defense Lawyer Régis Bergonzi stated on social media what he thought about the comic. In the comic, a certain “Maître Bergonzi” helps a wrongfully accused client. All charges are dropped in the comic.

“I finally read, this evening, the comic strip written on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Monaco Public Security to see the fate that was going to be reserved for my so-called “fictitious” client, who ordered a robbery in an imaginary” jewellery store. Obviously, the police win in the end after a number of truly heroic actions and the thugs will end up in prison! Well, this morning, during a “real” police custody (from which my “real” client came out, for his part, perfectly free), I was given the opportunity to talk with a good dozen investigators about who had been best sketched by the artist. I feel like a new star is rising following the publication of this comic! Thanks again for the nod to the Direction de la Sûreté Publique,” wrote Régis Bergonzi on social media.

Created by Prince Albert I in 1902, commemorations for the 120th anniversary of Monaco’s Police Force also included digital painting of Prince Albert I, a commemorative stamp and a commemorative medal.

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