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Monegasque Brilliance Behind the Ferrari 499P Modificata: Yours for a cool 5 million euros plus!

All Monegasques have heard of Chiron who won the Monaco Grand Prix and who also holds the record for being the oldest competitor at 55 years old to finish a Grand Prix.

And everyone cheers for Monaco’s current Formula 1 Grand Prix ace Charles Leclerc who is the lead driver for the Prancing Horse stable Ferrari.

A little less high profile but also having an enduring effect on motor racing, especially endurance races like the 24 hours of Le Mans, and on Ferrari development is Olivier Beretta.

He has just been involved in producing the most powerful Ferrari ever to grace the real roads of the planet.

This exclusive Ferrari, set to hit the market for a jaw-dropping 5.1 million euros, has just concluded its rigorous development phase at the famed Paul-Ricard circuit.

Born from the groundbreaking Hypercar that triumphed at the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ferrari 499P Modificata is tailored for a select group of discerning patrons of the revered prancing stallion.

Brace yourself to marvel at its power!

Beneath its sleek exterior lies a robust hybrid powertrain: a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 nestled in the rear-central position, complemented by an electric motor at the front – identical to those propelling Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s F1 machines.

As an added perk, the driver wields a “Push to Pass” feature, delivering an extra 120kW (163 hp) for 10 exhilarating seconds.

The cumulative power surges to 640kW, equivalent to a staggering 870 hp. This powerhouse works in tandem with a seven-speed sequential gearbox, an 800-volt battery, and an ERS energy recovery system.

Pirelli tires sized at the front and at the rear guarantee optimum track adhesion.

Engineered under the watchful eye of the Monaco-based Olivier Beretta at Castellet and various other locations, the Ferrari 499P Modificata is poised to bring boundless joy to a fortunate few.

For a cool 5 million euros – precisely 5.1 million – selected individuals will soon enrich their collections with an authoritative sovereign of Endurance. They’ll relish the ultimate thrill, gripping the steering wheel themselves.

The prototype has been liberated from the constraints of stringent FIA regulations to integrate into the Corse Clienti array.

On the Mistral straight at Castellet, Olivier Beretta, the Monégasque pilot overseeing its evolution since spring, reportedly notched a blistering top speed of 339 km/h. He’s already soared to 350 km/h elsewhere; that’s the peak (though the car is capable of 400 km/h).

These cars will be an integral part of the forthcoming Sport Prototipi Clienti program, set to run parallel to the existing F1 Clienti program from 2024 onwards. This initiative will grant the owners of the 499P Modificata the chance to participate in nine international circuit events each year.

Exclusive Clientele

To own a Ferrari 499P Modificata you need to have accumulated a certain experience at Ferrari. It’s not a world you enter with just a snap of your fingers, regardless of your wealth. Only loyal customers clocking in a significant number of miles in an old F1 or an FXX K will be selected.

Monegasque Beretta is living his passion fully at 53.

He is having the opportunity to touch the current generation more than two decades after the peak of his own racing career. Involved with the Hypercar that just won the 24 Hours, he could have never imagined this.

About Monegasque Olivier Beretta

Olivier Henri Aldo Léopold Beretta ( born 23 November 1969) from Monaco raced in Formula One in 1994 for the Larrousse team. He participated in 10 Grands Prix, debuting on 27 March 1994.

Born in Monte Carlo, Beretta has actually seen more success in sportscar racing, taking class wins at the 24 Heures du Mans with Viper GTS-Rs in 1999 (10th overall) and 2000 (7th overall), Corvettes in 2004 (C5-R, 6th overall), 2005 (C5-R, 5th overall) and 2006 (C6-R, 4th overall) and driving LMP900 class cars to 6th (2001), 4th (2002) and 3rd (2003) place class finishes.

For 2012, Beretta made the move from Corvette to Ferrari and started the season at the 2012 24 Hours of Daytona with Risi Competizione’s Ferrari F458 Italia Grand Am. He competed in the FIA World Endurance Championship in a GTE-Pro class Ferrari F458 Italia for AF Corse.

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