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New Electric Vehicles for All Saints Day

All Saints Day is just around the corner and Monaco is getting ready with new transportation for people with reduced mobility. Here is all the practical information you need to know to properly celebrate the occasion.

In order to provide more assistance and service to families, Somotha has just equipped the Monaco cemetery with Electric Golf vehicles. The two carts are now available to transport people with reduced mobility and allow them easier access to the funeral rights and the Chapel as well as helping them carry flowers to be placed on graves, whether during funerals, commemorative ceremonies or during All Saints Day. The golf carts are positioned in the upper and middle part of the cemetery and will be driven by the Somotha guard or a member of staff. A phone number is clearly indicated on each cart to reach staff in case of absence.

During the All Saints period, a florist will be present at the cemetery of Monaco parking lot from Thursday 31 October until Sunday 2 November, allowing the public to buy flowers directly on site.

As a reminder, information terminals to geolocate burials and provide a route to get there are freely accessible in the cemetery.

Finally, like every year, the Evening Prayer will be celebrated by Monsignor Bernard Barsi in the cemetery chapel on Friday 1 November at 3:00pm followed by the blessing of the graves.

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