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New Entertaining Digital Education Course Has Revoires’ School Students Flying High

Our children could end up living in a digital world which is a complete mystery to them. They could be passive onlookers surrounded by robots upon which they are ever more dependent. Or they can go to a school in Monaco like Revoire and learn the skills they need to take command of the digital world around them.

It used to be that maths and languages, history and geography were core subjects in our education and enough to prepare us to later tackle the adult world. No more: the game of life has changed; it’s more a revolution than a evolution – a digital revolution as profound as the industrial revolution.

So “Les Revoires” has thought through how to get young kids enthusiastic about programming.
The word “coding” sounds boring doesn’t it? Not the way the Revoire school does it though. It’s all creative fun: – from controlling a robotic vehicle (automat) called Blubot
– to creating a type of board video game where you land on a planet and have to set up base camps; the challenge that all first settlers have to face
– sometimes the children are doing things akin to modelling with materials as if in an art studio ; at other times they are adept working with their computer tablets, somewhat more recognizable in the mainstream digital world.

New Entertaining Digital Education Course

Programming really needs a lot of different skills across the board the way “Les Revoires” approaches it – not just computer skills. Involved also are visual arts, reading and understanding, writing and also respect for rules – which carries over to civic life later. It’s all about teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving.

Objectives of Monaco’s National Education are to : Deliver to the students the keys to compete in the current world. Educate them to be digital citizens in an environment where digital is king.

Of course, that does not mean every student needs to be a computer scientist, But they will be the ones who control and will run the machines and robots around them. It’s a new language just like learning the alphabet – and Les Revoires is inspiring them to learn it.

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