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New Measures By Monaco In The Battle Against Covid-19

The evolution of the health situation over the past few days shows an active circulation of the virus in the Principality of Monaco according to the government. As the Christmas holidays – which have tended to increase social interactions – come to an end, the number of people testing positive is on the rise.

Sport practice

The Princely Government has decided to close sports halls and swimming pools, as well as a more general ban on the practice of sport in a closed environment, including school sport, for three weeks (until January 27 inclusive). However, for sports practice, sports coaches can still provide private lessons limited to one person (indoors and outdoors).

The measure to close sports halls did not meet with the approval of the majority of representatives of the National Council, considering that there had not been a proven case thanks to the measures put in place by the professionals concerned. The Government considered it justified nonetheless.

Indeed, despite the strict health protocols in place, intensive physical activity in a closed space represents a risky practice according to health authorities. Targeted support measures may be taken to support the operators of these infrastructures. 


Still, in order to limit the movement of people in the Principality, the Government, in agreement with the delegation of the National Council, recommends massively resorting to teleworking in the private and public sectors until further notice. The aim is to reduce the influx of people from outside the Principality while maintaining economic activity.

Work in the Public Service Sector 

Regarding getting administrative work done, remote work will be systematized from the end of the week for all Government departments and public service entities while maintaining access to services for the public – and also maintaining the ability to receive the public.

Work in the Private Sector 

For the private sector, when the nature of the employee’s activity is compatible with its exercise and the employer can make suitable equipment available to him, then remote work is the highly recommended and obligatory approach – with the employee’s agreement and in a way that does not create a work stoppage. 

Any professional mission that does not require a physical presence in the workplace for its successful completion must be carried out by teleworking.


Finally, the Joint Committee looked into the issue of vaccines. The Government presented in detail the vaccination protocol planned for the campaign started last week among people over 75 years old. Vaccinations will continue at an accelerated pace since in the coming days, the population over 65 will be solicited by mail to invite them to come forward. Health personnel will also be called upon as a priority.

Option for Infected Residents to Isolate in a Hotel 

In addition, the Princely Government specifies that an option will now be offered to people who test positive who reside in the Principality to stay in a hotel to avoid intra-family contamination. This is to provide a possibility of isolation for people who test positive who want to choose this hotel-stay option. 

Indeed, many contaminations are intrafamilial. They even seem to be more numerous following Christmas Eve. 

Once again, the health authorities insist on the importance of respecting barrier gestures such as keeping a social distance, wearing a mask, repeated hand hygiene and sufficient ventilation of housing.

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