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New Secure Digital Identity Cards for Monegasques and Resident Permit Holders

New identity cards for Monegasques and new residence permits for residents are going digital.

International Recognition 

The digital cards will be easily recognizable internationally. They meet the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), on travel documents. Also there will be a high profile distribution of these documents to foreign authorities. This will be achieved through diplomatic and consular channels, through the register of official documents « Edison » of the Interpol ICPO and by the European register « PRADO », the online public register of authentic identity and travel documents. They will offer secure access to multiple online services. 


The cards are virtually impossible to forge. They are made of polycarbonate and feature in the order of 30 security features such as the government hologram on the card and the photo. There are different layers within the card. For example, on the reverse of the card, the photo alternates with the expiry date and the reading strip. To ensure first-class security the cards were designed with one of the world leaders in secure identity, the French IN Group.

Resident Permits 

For Monaco’s residents the cards help supplement passport and/or National Identity documents. They have the value of short-stay visas for nationals of countries outside the European Economic Area. This is currently the case for the many British residents, who, although exempt from a short-stay visa, cannot stay for more than 90 days per six-month period in the European area.

Digital identity

Once in possession of the card, to have access to digital services the holder has the option to activate the use of the digital identity. A trilingual-kiosk is available at the Police Department as well as at the Mairie for the identity card. The digital certificate when activated is valid for three years. 

The authorities expect to replace the entire stock of the existing old-style residence permits as quickly as possible. Around 10,000 cards are issued or renewed each year out of a total of over 25.000. The Police Department launched an exchange campaign this summer and expectations are that in the course of 2023 all cards will be in this new digital version. 

A teleservice will be provided to those who apply for a residence permit or its renewal. 

Once the resident’s file has been transmitted and validated, the new process for establishing the digital residence permit begins to take effect. The applicant is received via a telephone appointment made in advance.  

Three essential identity elements, his/her photo, fingerprints and signature are recorded.

New Secure Digital Monegasque Identity Cards and Resident Permits

Card Creation 

The creation of the card is carried out by a special printer for card printing, encoding and security with durable lamination. This machine is installed in a dedicated and secure room and can create cards, on demand. A thorough check is systematically carried out at the end of the manufacturing process. A few days later, at the point of handing over the card the identity of the holder is checked carefully by verifying his or her fingerprints. It will be routinely suggested to the holder to activate the use of the digital identity.

Monegasque Passports Recognised Internationally

Monaco has deposited its new specimens of passports with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Diane Vachon, Honorary Consul General of Monaco in Montreal, Permanent Representative of the Principality to the ICAO, officially handed over the specimens of new Monegasque passports to the Director of Air Transport. The ICAO was initiated by the Chicago Convention in 1944. It is a specialised agency of the United Nations and is primarily responsible for establishing the global regulatory framework for the safety of international civil aviation.

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