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Nice airport: Almost 80 destinations ready to welcome travellers this July

The Côté d’Azur received a shot in the arm just in time for the Summer season with the assurance that its air links to Nice will expand in July. Nice is France’s second airport and has been progressively getting back on its feet in June after the quarantine. 


Starting in July and continuing into the August Summer season there will be a total of 19 destinations criss-crossing France from East to West and North to South. This allows residents of the entire southern region to travel as well as tourists, business or leisure, to return to Nice and onward to Monaco. 

Prior to the quarantine Nice airport had been a hot-spot for growth and this pattern is starting to reestablish itself with the addition by Volotea at the beginning of July of two routes, one for Caen and another for Brest. 

Nice airport: Almost 80 destinations ready to welcome travellers

European Cities and other International Flights

Now that preparations in the month of June are complete, Nice airport will also be gradually resuming air traffic to major European cities, the Maghreb and Israel.

You will notice the flight program for the month of July is much more extensive than that of June. As one of the main economic engines of the South and the main gateway to the region 62 destinations abroad are projected to be active. This includes all the economic, political and financial capitals as well as leisure destinations. 

There is assurance that all the health measures will be in place capable of restoring the necessary climate of confidence to all those returning to air travel. 

Nice airport: Almost 80 destinations ready to welcome travellers

Terminal 2

All the airline companies serving Nice will be processed at Terminal 2 which will be open from July 1. 

The French Riviera is connecting to the world again. You can count on a total of 79 destinations with direct links to Nice airport ready to welcome travellers this July. 

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