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Nice Airport is Springing Back to Life. Check Out Which of Your Favourite Cities Are Here

First the trains and now the planes are resuming service, signalling a return to a more normal life gradually during this month of June. Just in time for the reopening of European borders, the target for which has been announced for June 15th. 

Nice Airport implementing more normal schedules is good news for both the tourist and business industry on the French Riviera.

There are a few flights already operating but this is being ramped up in June to 20 destinations ready for the surge in the hoped-for strong tourist activity, typical of July and August. 

Flights Within France

For France, at least 11 cities will be linked to the Côte d’Azur:

Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (Air France, easyJet)

Lyon (Air France)

Lille (easyJet)

Toulouse (easyJet)

Nantes (easyJet, Volotea)

Strasbourg (Volotea)

Bordeaux (easyJet)

Bastia, Ajaccio, Figari and Calvi (Air Corsica).

Then in July, the opening of new destinations from Nice are anticipated such as Caen or Brest (Volotea).

Nice Airport is Springing Back to Life

Flights Across Europe 

For Europe, 10 cities will again be connected to the Côte d’Azur:

London (British Airways and easyJet)

Frankfurt and Munich (Lufthansa)

Brussels (Brussels Airlines)

Geneva and Zurich (easyJet, Swiss)

Vienna, Sofia, Budapest and Krakow (Wizz Air).

All of the flights currently announced by the airlines remain subject to possible adjustments due to the traffic restrictions.

Therefore, travellers are advised to check with the airlines to ensure that their flights are going as scheduled. 

Enhanced health security

You will notice significant additional measures in the area of ​​air and surface disinfection, flow management and ventilation of terminals, in sync with every sector of economic activity – it’s all to defeat the Coronavirus epidemic and ensure our safety and good health. 

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