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The date when the travel between Monaco and Italy will be resumed is finally known

From June 3rd, Italy is resuming its travel to Monaco and reopening its borders to the countries of the Schengen zone and also Switzerland.

With the summer season coming this will facilitate tourism. And also from June 3rd, travel within Italy is also completely open. 

Monday, May 18th is also a very important step within Italy itself as the vestiges of the lockdown are removed.

Italians will be able to move freely within their regions and normal life will be able to resume including going to shops, restaurants, bars and hairdressers.

The green light has been given by the central government but they have left it to the regions themselves to give the necessary go ahead to each of the different sectors – in the event any local measures are needed to reduce any health risks – and to enforce social distancing of at least one metre.

The regions will also be responsible for providing statistics on the state of the health situation to the central government each and every day – all to make sure that Covid-19 is kept at bay.

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