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Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann of Monaco Yacht Club Reveal their New Racing Wonder – Malizia III

It seems only yesterday that Boris Herrmann was pushing himself to the limit in the around the world yacht race, the Vendee Globe – an extreme quest of individual endurance and the ultimate test in ocean racing.

Positioned well for the laurels, a third or even second place, Herrmann hit a fishing boat at just 90 miles from the finish line, sustaining damage to his starboard foil, the hull side and losing his bowsprit.
The IMOCA had bounced several times along the trawler!

The worst moment for Boris was coming out of deep sleep, and standing in the back of the boat looking up at the massive hulk of the fishing boat. His mainsail, the shroud, the outrigger, everything was mingling with the fishing boat and he was jolted onto it again and again, repeatedly.

Finally the shroud shredded liberating him. At the end he still finished in an excellent 5th position.

There is some consolation to be racing around the world during the worst times of Covid in 2020. When the race is next run in 2024 everyone hopes Covid is a distant memory – and the plan is that the fame and success of Malizia II will be superceded by Malizia III even though the damage to Malizia II was all repairable – nothing structural.

Malizia III is now more than a glint in the eyes of sailing partners Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann who revealed the latest exciting news at the Monaco Yacht Club – of which Pierre is Vice-President. Malizia III is no longer just an intriguing concept – think of a banana shape for the shell which has just been unmolded, more rounded and quite different from its predecessor… and heavier altogether. Almost four years of strategizing of how to improve in the marine conditions faced on the Vendee Globe have gone into the design.

Seven partners including the Yacht-club and the EFG bank based in Monaco are involved in this multi-million euro project designed by Sebastien Josse.

All in all, the 18 metre boat is about two-thirds finished in construction. The launch will be on July 19, 2022 in Lo Rient (Morbihan). And then excitement will build qualifying for the Route du Rhum.

The Fight Against Climate Change

Always thinking about the health of the environment, particularly the oceans, the boat will have a mini-laboratory installed, the dimensions of a 17 kg suitcase, to permanently and very carefully monitor the level of Carbon Dioxide in the water. In areas where very little data is taken, such as Antarctica, Boris Herrmann will be almost the only one to provide information to scientists. In two world tours, planned already ; twice as much data is targeted to be collected, which will allow for heretofore difficult to make comparisons. This is exciting the new generation of kids at the Monaco Yacht Club Sailing School who have been able to get their ideas heard on how to protect the environment.

Looking Ahead To Monaco 2023

15th January 2023 from Alicante, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, that’s where the start of the “Ocean Race” will take place : a six month round-the-world tour with a team. It’s a preparatory course to test with “live ammunition” that the concepts packed into the design of Malizia III work well.

The boat will then be moored at Monaco in July 2023. This will be the ultimate treat for all its fans in the Principality and give them the opportunity to take part in celebrating this new visionary master-piece.

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